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Since his death in 1969, the legend of Jack Kerouac, 'King of the Beats', has continued to grow. Clark's biography reveals the essential Kerouac, often through his own words and writings....

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Jack Kerouac: A Biography Reviews

  • Monicaa
    2019-05-12 22:49

    Biografia essenziale, ripulita da tutte le fonti non dichiarabili e poco vertiere.Tutto il libro verte intorno alla visione che lo scrittore ha dato di se stesso, basti vedere le numerose citazioni dai suoi romanzi. Pochi fatti inventati dunque, quasi la verità, forse. Ne emerge il ritratto di un uomo solo sempre all'inseguimento di un sogno: quello di potersi circondare dalle sole persone che ama e riuscire un giorno a conciliare il suo amore ossessivo per la madre a quello per gli amici che stimolano il suo bisogno di indipendenza. Da qui l'utopico progetto di una casa comune, purtroppo mai realizzato Un posto visto come rifugio dal mondo, dove poter vivere in armonia e poter essere se stesso.L'uomo perseguitato dallo scrittore è costretto a soccombere, l'immagine pubblica ha la meglio su quella privata. Ti Jean lascia che sia Jack Kerouac a parlare e a vivere per lui, con inerzia decide di stare a guardare quel che succede al suo personaggio, quel che ne fa la stampa; forse ignorando che l'uomo dietro quella maschera avrebbe inevitabilmente perduto la sua inutile battaglia.Quando poi assistere impassibile al progredire degli eventi diventa insopportabile è l'alcol l'unco "amico" a tendergli una mano e ad aiutarlo a mantenere intatta la facciata creata per lui e a comdurlo verso la morte. Una morte forse non più temuta a questo punto, ma vista come unica fonte di salvezza all'incapacità di vivere la vita voluta dagli altri.

  • Tyler
    2019-05-02 21:41

    Short but detailed. Informative.

  • Mat
    2019-05-09 23:40

    This was a nice short biography on Kerouac which gives you the 'highlights' of his meteoric ascent to fame and headlong plunge into oblivion. This is the second biography I have read on Kerouac, the other one being Memory Babe by Gerald Nicosia. Memory Babe is obviously much more thoroughly researched but it is almost too much in depth.Jack Kerouac: A Biography by Tom Clark was in some ways a more interesting read and it is very engaging. Like Carolyn Cassady, I couldn't put this book down. It just flowed marvelously and Clark's prose is very, very easy to read. The final poem of Clark's at the conclusion of the novel is a nice 'ode' to Jack as well I thought.Now why did I only give this three stars? Well, for a few reasons, some of which may be unfair. You be the judge. There are a few things that Clark says in the book which conflict with what other biographers have said. I'm not sure whether he is right or wrong. Just to give you a few examples...1) Clark like some other writers claims that Kerouac wrote the On the Road scroll (Viking) on benzedrine and coffee. However, in the 2007 release of the The Scroll, one of the introductory authors says that the benzedrine story is a myth and that Kerouac composed the mammoth manuscript only on coffee. Not sure who is right here but someone has to get their story straight. 2) Clark says that Atop an Underwood remains unpublished! Maybe at the time he wrote the first version of the book, it was still unpublished. Hopefully he corrects this in his later version. I'll have to read the 2001 version to find out. 3) This book like Nicosia's book is in bad need of some updating. As all you Kerouackians out there may know, there have been a slew of Kerouac releases in the past few years including the publication of the 1) On the Road Scroll, 2) Atop an Underwood (a while ago now), 3) Orpheus Emerged (arguably not one of Jack's great early attempts at writing but something which should at least by analyzed in a biography), 4) The Beat Generation play (very briefly mentioned in this book in reference to the final act which was used for the film Pull My Daisy) and most importantly the most recent release from the Kerouac vaults - 5) The Sea is My Brother (briefly mentioned in this book once again but the contents of the novel itself are not analyzed in depth because it was found by Jack's nephew only a few years ago). Therefore, if Clark does his homework and adds an analysis of recent publications to this book (not sure how much the 2001 edition adds to the original) and sorts out some of the conflicting stories, then we would have a great biography. He could also perform an in-depth analysis of Jack's part in And The Hippos Were Boiled In Their Tanks now that that has seen the light of day too. There were other somewhat minor details which Clark either deliberately or accidentally left out of this book, some of which to my mind are important and should be included. For example, according to Nicosia, Jack was severely beaten up in an all-African American bar shortly before his death which could have accelerated his demise even though cirrhosis of the liver was the definitive cause of death. All in all, this was a very enjoyable read and for those of you who want to have a basic idea of who Kerouac was as a man and more importantly as an artist, then I highly recommend this book. However, if you are a Kerouac fanatic like me, then I recommend Nicosia's book, Memory Babe, or perhaps Ann Charters' original biography on the man which I hope to read this summer. Thanks once again to Temple University Japan Library for lending me this book!

  • Cheyla
    2019-05-08 21:42

    It was informative and well-written. I liked the dynamic evaluation of his life.

  • Pat Murphy
    2019-04-26 19:49

    I have been fascinated by Kerouac, the Beats, and Cassady since 1970. This was a pretty good history. The writing didn't flow all that great but if you are interested in Kerouac this will do.