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As a family clinic administrator, Michele Layton has seen her share of suffering. But never anything like this. Not here in St. Cloud, Minnesota. A local activist has been found murdered, his body frozen like a statue and placed in a Winter Carnival ice sculpture display. Next a vicious hate crime puts a man in the ICU. And locked away in the Holy Rest mental ward, a deranAs a family clinic administrator, Michele Layton has seen her share of suffering. But never anything like this. Not here in St. Cloud, Minnesota. A local activist has been found murdered, his body frozen like a statue and placed in a Winter Carnival ice sculpture display. Next a vicious hate crime puts a man in the ICU. And locked away in the Holy Rest mental ward, a deranged man of the cloth prays for more sinners to be punished—and waits for a sign from above. These seemingly random acts lead police chief Steve Radke to Michele, who could be the next pawn in a madman’s chess game of life and death, good versus evil…...

Title : Vengeance is Mine
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ISBN : 9780440195689
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Vengeance is Mine Reviews

  • Terri Lynn
    2019-05-01 23:07

    I had never read any of Joanne Fluke's books before because I was only aware of the cozy mysteries with a chick lit vibe she wrote with each being titled after bakery goods- like the Blueberry Muffin Mystery, the Gingerbread Mystery and the Apple Turnover Mystery. I gag just typing the titles. I like my mystery/suspense/thrillers to be more gritty and mature than some Chocolate Chip Cookie Mystery. Well, apparently Joanne Fluke wrote some better books before getting obsessed with chick lit/bakery/cozy mysteries but even this book has a few elements indicating where she'd be going in the future. In St. Cloud, Minnesota, it is winter and the living is not easy even if you can manage to stay alive. Someone deranged is playing a deadly real-life game of chess and presuming to defeat evil by murdering people having apparently missed that pesky Thou Shalt Not Kill part of the bible. A woman walking her dog near the ice sculptures on the frozen lake where an upcoming winter event will be held as a fund raiser for a gay/lesbian center discovers one of the sculptures is a dead businessman frozen stiff. Ray Perini had been in real estate/building.The police situation in St. Cloud is weird and unrealistic. The chief is away in Germany with his wife and cannot be reached. The acting chief Steve is a divorced man whose marriage ended because he refused to let his in-laws give them the downpayment on a nice house and pay for a housekeeper. Steve is old-fashioned in some ways and believes a man should be the sole support of his wife.He's a sweet and smart but hey fella, you need to get rid of that Neanderthal attitude.The decision makers on how to solve the murder is acting chief Steve Radke, Mayor Les Hollenkamp, and Margaret Whitworth who is a wealthy older woman who owns and runs the local television station and newspaper. Yes, I know this makes no sense. Everyone seems to think it must be mafia related as the dead guy dipped his toes into murky legal waters quite often in his business and had many enemies in town.When his lawyer Dale Kline is murdered next, it makes people nervous because he was liked but he had been Ray Perini's lawyer so the idea that he might have been hit by the mob was brought up. He is killed the same way as Perini with an odd cross-like metal object to the head. However, a local gay man Brian had been attacked by burly members of a religious fanatic group who hated gays and in self-defense used martial arts on them in return, resulting in the death of one of punks and Kline was Brian's defense lawyer (because Michele, head of the Pro Choice Clinic had made him after finding he had impregnated his 15 year old daughter while drunk) so maybe Kline was killed over that. Then everyone from Michele and Margaret and Steve to the mayor are attacked and the mayor dies. At each scene, a Catholic nun and bishop are seen creeping around. Could it have something to do with Holy Rest, a Vatican funded home for insane priests, bishops, nuns, etc in St. Cloud.

  • Kerrie
    2019-05-09 01:06

    Set in St. Cloud Minnesota February 1985. A small group of prominent citizens, who are also good friends, is putting together some winter games for the local community, to raise money for a centre for the gay and lesbian people. The committee includes the Mayor and his wife, the host of the local television station, the acting chief of police, and the manager of a family clinic, as well as representatives of GALA (the Gay and Lesbian community). But not everybody is comfortable with coming events, and the associated publicity makes these citizens easy targets.The first to die is a member of the committee, a business man who has been active in his support for GALA. As yet another dies, and then another, with not even any idea what the murder weapon could be, the people of St. Cloud begin to stay at home and the WinterGame looks doomed to failure. Steve Radke, acting police chief, needs to hold the community together, and prevent mass hysteria.I had some trouble in separating out the main characters at the beginning of the book although there was plenty of information, perhaps the problem was too much, about each of them. By about a third of the way through though I had them all sorted and I was able to appreciate the complexity of the plotting, and also the romance between two of the characters.We know almost from the very beginning who is responsible for the murders, and it seemed just a matter of time before they were caught. It takes the police four murders before they develop a theory about how the victims have been selected, but they still don't know who the perpetrator is.An interesting read.

  • Brenda
    2019-05-05 22:43

    Set in 1985 in St. Cloud Minnesota, Acting Police Chief Steve Radke finds himself in charge of a string of murders. Someone is bashing in the victim's head using a strange object.Sister Kate is in charge of Holy Rest mental facility housing Catholic clergy. Her new boss, Archbishop Ciminski, has insisted on modernizing the facility including adding a TV and a computer for the residents' use.Dr. Michele Layton is the director of the new Pro Choice Clinic and involved in the town's WinterGame fundraiser to help build a facility for the gay community.Steve's attempts to date Michele are constantly interrupted as murder victims pile up. Great suspense build-up as Steve tries to find the link between the victims that will lead to the killer.E-format of a 1986 Fluke novel - still a good read!

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-22 00:59

    Written before her Hannah Swensen cozy mysteries, Joanne Fluke has written a winner with Vengeance is Mine. We knew almost from the beginning who the killer was and we were just waiting for the police to catch up with us. There was a sweet romance between the two main characters, an adult romance, unlike the romances Hannah Swensen has with her two boyfriends in the cozy mysteries she now writes. I had some confusion with all the characters at the beginning of the book, but that got sorted out the more I read. It was a quick read, I finished the book in a couple of hours. Written during the 1980s, I didn’t find this book to be dated at all, even missing the modern conveniences like cell phones. I would highly recommend this book.

  • Sandy
    2019-05-06 01:00

    Not all that good.I have been reading JoAnne fluke murder cozies for years and I've liked them but this book was not up to par. I thought it was very uninteresting and boring. I don't think I could recommend it.

  • judy campbell
    2019-04-25 18:46

    Sweet ThingsFluke should stick with the sweet Hannah Svensen series. This book lacked the ability to make the reader feel part of the story. Also no good wrap up at the end . I'd rather sit in the cookie shop any day.

  • Cathy
    2019-05-12 20:49

    This is one of Joanne Fluke's earlier mysteries. Since it was published in 1989 there are no modern conveniences. You find out who the murder is a hundred pages in and then watch how the police detective puts it all together with the help of his associates.

  • Cheryl
    2019-05-08 01:42

    I could not finish this book. It was very hard to follow and understand what was going on due to the fact the writing/story was so choppy. It was hard to understand the whats and whys of the story line.

  • D Nichols
    2019-05-05 03:04

    Interesting concept. Having mentally ill Catholic nuns and priests living in a supervised group home, A Bishop is severely mentally ill and wants to punish those who are homosexual and lesbian . He decides to kill them based on moves on a chessboard.

  • Millie
    2019-05-19 23:43

    Love her Hannah Swensen books but I just didn't care for this one. Kinda hard to follow and keep interested in.

  • Carol B Davis
    2019-05-23 01:06

    GoodI enjoyed this book and it's plot but I'm not sure my cat h folic friends would like it much.

  • Christie
    2019-04-27 21:57

    I enjoyed reading this novel by Joanne Fluke.

  • Claudia
    2019-05-10 20:51

    This book was so fun. It was written in the 80's and certainly feels dated, but it was still a great time.