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Super Shark Encyclopedia uncovers the secrets of the oceans by exploring a remarkable array of 80 sharks and other sea creatures — from Barrel Shrimp to Blue Sharks, Starfish to Bat Fish, and Hammerhead Sharks to Sandtiger Sharks, plus surfing penguins, deep-sea monsters, rays, eels and more. Packed with jaw-dropping facts about animal behavior and anatomy, new x-ray artwoSuper Shark Encyclopedia uncovers the secrets of the oceans by exploring a remarkable array of 80 sharks and other sea creatures — from Barrel Shrimp to Blue Sharks, Starfish to Bat Fish, and Hammerhead Sharks to Sandtiger Sharks, plus surfing penguins, deep-sea monsters, rays, eels and more. Packed with jaw-dropping facts about animal behavior and anatomy, new x-ray artworks utilize cross-sections and strip layers away to show key anatomical features in detail. It showcases record-breaking animals, such as the deadliest predators and the most venomous creatures, and explains how and why their bodies work the way they do. With its combination of spectacular photography and clear yet authoritative text, Super Shark Encyclopedia is the ultimate visual guide to the oceans' most incredible stories....

Title : Super Shark Encyclopedia
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ISBN : 9781465435842
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Super Shark Encyclopedia Reviews

  • Online Eccentric Librarian
    2019-05-06 02:13

    More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog Shark Encyclopedia truly lives up to its name - beautifully presented, mountains of facts, and information intelligently ordered to make this a book children can grow with - from basic information suitable for grade school interspersed with more detailed information useful for older kids/middle school. It's the type of book that is so incredibly well done that it should be in every library and school. Certainly, it's a fantastic home resource as well.Although the focus is on sharks, other deep sea creatures are also presented. The book breaks down as follows:Amazing anatomy (discover what makes ocean animals ideally suited for their environment - fins, tusks, teeth tentacles, colorful camouflage, spines, etc.).Animal athletes (jumpers, flyers, surfers - from boxing with crabs to thrashing around with a thresher shark).Life stories (survival techniques from krill/safety in numbers to parrotfish covering themselves in slime.Supernatural senses (some animals have extraordinary abilities - from sensing electrical signals to detecting light that other creatures can't see).Exploring the deep (all the incredibly strange and fascinating creatures at the greater ocean depths).While parents and kids may at first be interested in the shark aspect, there really is so much more here. Illustrations, photographs, call out boxes (e.g., 'California horn shark at a glance, including size, habitat, location, diet) help tell the story. There are fun facts, interesting comments, and a slew of very interesting tidbits. But it is rarely presented in block paragraph form - instead everything is presented brightly and in creative and engaging ways that encourage young readers to devour the topic. Never does the book talk down to kids or strike a false or syrupy note.Because it is so incredibly informative and beautifully presented, this is an easy 5 star, highest recommendation. I've rarely seen a better 'encyclopedia' type of presentation on the subject of sealife. As well, I've gone over it with my 11 year old many times and she loves to explore the various sea creatures and their facts - it's definitely a hit with her. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

  • Cynthia Hundley
    2019-04-25 18:44

    Title: Harvey, D. (2015). Super shark encyclopedia and other creatures of the deep. New York: DK Publishing.Citation: Cynthia HundleyType of Reference: EncyclopediaCall Number: Ref 597.3 Content/Scope: An encyclopedia appropriate for children in Grades 3-8, referencing creatures of the sea through photographs, illustrations, fact boxes, cut-aways, and varied text. Contents include information mainly on sharks but additionally on other sea creatures including sea horses, giant clams, and sea otters. Facts about the physical characteristics, defenses, structures, and functions of each animal are described with accompanying captions, images/photos, text, and labels.Accuracy/Authority/Bias: DK is a well-renowned multinational publishing company of informational resources for children. Many school libraries, public libraries, and classrooms contain materials published by DK due to their trusted and accurate information.Arrangement/Presentation: The text is divided into five categories that specifically describe different aspects of the sea creatures: Amazing Anatomy, Animal Athletes, Life Stories, Supernatural Senses, and Exploring the Deep. Each section provides large, detailed photographs, captions, and varied amounts of text including sections labeled “at-a-glance” and “stats and facts.” The narrative text may seem busy to younger children as there is no common stream of text throughout. The cross-referenced index is thorough and organized by animal name, physical structures/functions, and related topics. Relation to Other Works: There are many resources that address the concept of sea/ocean animals, however, the visuals and text features presented in this resource make it appropriate for the elementary school library.Accessibility/Diversity: The photographs in this resource address the needs of visual learners as the charts and statistics meet the needs of analytical understanding learners. Struggling students could additionally access information from this resource through the various text features.Cost: $24.99Professional Review: McGuire, B. (2015). Super Shark Encyclopedia and Other Creatures of the Deep. School Library Journal 61(10), 57.

  • Michael
    2019-04-30 21:52

    Simple to read, yet filled with tons of interesting facts. Even as someone who has read about and studied sharks for some time, there were plenty of information in this book I didn't already know. The best part, however, are the amazing color photographs that fill this books oversized pages. This is a must-have for all shark lovers.

  • Christine H
    2019-05-15 22:45

    4.5 stars for this one!My love for DK grows more and more every school year with each of their awesome non-fic titles, and Super Shark Encyclopedia and Other Creatures of the Deep (pubbed June 2015) fits snugly in my list of great DK books. All of my students loved looking through this trove of information, and while some people enjoyed reading the pages devoted to the different sharks and other sea creatures that infest our ocean waters, a great many more loved simply looking (and admiring) the colourful (and sometimes icky) illustrations on almost every page.My favourite feature was the one-off box found on some of the pages, which called out a particular species and gave just enough trivia to interest me in reading more. There’s so much to learn here, that it can easily take an entire summer to truly digest the meaty Super Shark Encyclopedia. But I bet you’ll love it so much that it won’t take you very long to go through it. But I bet, just as much, that you’ll come back to this book over and over again because of the valuable resource that this is.I anticipate long waiting lists to borrow this book from our library. Thank you, DK Publishing, for sending me a copy of Super Shark Encyclopedia in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and suggestions expressed herein are entirely my own.The original (and picture-filled) version of this review can be found at

  • Karen
    2019-04-29 03:13

    Super Shark Encyclopedia is a beautiful, informative and fun book for middle school children who want to learn about sharks and other sea creatures; crabs, shrimp, penguins, octopus, starfish, etc. In lively prose and with gorgeous pictures (I used Bluefire reader) it is focused on five themes: amazing anatomy (the Lefteye Flounder has two left eyes!), survival in the sea, animal athletes, supernatural senses and exploring the deep which refers to the varying and unusual creatures that live deep in the ocean floor. Each fish is fully described and comes with a box of "stats and facts" which describe the most fascinating information about that particular creature of the deep as well as an "At a Glance" page which tells about its size, habitat, location and diet. I was wowed by the information and by the respect and love shown for these alluring and magnificent beings. DK books are always visually beautiful and for that reason I recommend that you buy the actual book instead of the Kindle version. Although it is wonderful to look at on an e reader I think it would be more spectacular if you could see the full two page pictures at once. Thank you to Edelweiss for allowing me to review this book.

  • Courtney
    2019-05-19 20:08

    Fun, but pretty thin on information, and the "stats" vary from page to page - sometimes the depth the marine animal reaches, sometimes the amount of time it takes to shoot their jaws out and snatch prey. It's a nice effort to tailor each page, but some consistency (i.e., always having a human size comparison chart?) would be better. The pictures are the best part. If you're looking for a quick survey of some interesting ocean denizens and don't know too much, this is the beginner book for you.

  • Leonard
    2019-05-22 23:55

    A large book with large illustrations of sharks, whales, jellyfish, eels, and other strange creature from under the surface of the ocean. There's not a lot of detail about each creature so it's just a superficial look but a good one. This is especially nice for children.

  • Ruth
    2019-05-05 20:58

    Beautiful, with an engaging selection of facts and data, but light on information.

  • PWRL
    2019-05-20 23:57