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Danny Dragonbreath has seen a lot of weird things, but nothing quite like the inside of his best friend Wendell's brain. Wendell has been having terrible nightmares, and Danny and Wendell's totally-not-girlfriend Suki agree to venture into the iguana's mind to get rid of the thing causing the dreams--before Wendell goes permanently insane. There's more scary stuff in WendeDanny Dragonbreath has seen a lot of weird things, but nothing quite like the inside of his best friend Wendell's brain. Wendell has been having terrible nightmares, and Danny and Wendell's totally-not-girlfriend Suki agree to venture into the iguana's mind to get rid of the thing causing the dreams--before Wendell goes permanently insane. There's more scary stuff in Wendell's strange and nerdy subconscious than Danny bargained for, and getting out of there is no easy feat, even for a ninja girl and an almost-fire-breathing dragon. The eighth book in the smoking hot Dragonbreath series for fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid , Bad Kitty, and Big Nate will make you laugh until smoke comes out your nose!...

Title : Nightmare of the Iguana
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ISBN : 9780803738461
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 208 Pages
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Nightmare of the Iguana Reviews

  • heidi
    2019-05-02 22:07

    It's nice to keep watching Danny get more mature and confident. He's always been a bit rash, but at least now he's thinking about consequences.I think my favorite part of this book was the nerdy Star Trek joke, but there is a lot for an adult to get out of this in addition to the joy that the kiddos get from it.Suki is a perpetual delight to me. And Wendell's dreams are so perfectly what he would have nightmares about. Bran waffles and pop quizzes!Read if: You have liked other Dragonbreath books. You are a fan of kids getting agency AND help from trusted adults.Skip if: Adorable cartoon reptiles are not your style.Also read: The other books in the series.

  • AWD
    2019-05-20 03:06

    Just keep reading.

  • Dolly
    2019-05-06 19:12

    Part-graphic novel, part chapter book, this is an entertaining and somewhat educational story about an adolescent anthropomorphic dragon, his iguana pal, and a girl salamander. It's the eighth book in the Dragonbreath series by Ursula Vernon. This was a fun story featuring Danny, Wendell, and Suki and a cute creature called a baku. When Wendell keeps having terrifying nightmares, Danny's grandfather instructs Suki and Danny how to get a baku and save him. While there are humorous parts throughout, this story seems to have less silly humor and more drama than some of the earlier tales. We borrowed this book from our local library. The story is a quick read and the graphic novel-like scenes are woven throughout the story in a seamless way. This would be a great book for an older child who likes graphic novels, but not chapter books, since you get a little bit of both here. Our girls adored this book and read it independently while I was on a trip (they couldn't wait until I got home). It's a fast read and our oldest kept telling me about the different parts that she liked the best as I read it. I especially like that advanced vocabulary words are sprinkled throughout the tale, providing a little challenge without being too frustrating for younger readers. We are looking forward to reading Dragonbeath: The Case of the Toxic Mutants when it is published later this year and we really hope the author writes more - our girls love these books!

  • Becky B
    2019-04-29 01:02

    Wendell is having epically horrible nightmares. The strain of it is really starting to show, so he goes to the only adult he trusts in such matters, Danny's Great-Granddad. The old dragon instructs Wendell to have Danny watch him sleep and look for signs of mythical creatures feeding off his nightmares. It turns out that not only does Wendell have Night Mares feeding off his dreams, he also has a Dream Wasp. Now that the cause of the nightmares has been narrowed down, they travel to visit great-granddad in Mythical Japan to figure out how to help get Wendell some good night's sleep again.Wendell and Danny are as great a comic duo as ever. It was fun to see Suki again in this one. Since the plot is dream-based it can get a little weird at times, but not overly so, and this one isn't as scary as the cover may make it seem. Wendell's nightmares mostly consist of getting poor grades and the health food his mom makes him eat. I liked the introduction of further Asian mythological creatures in this one, it's not often you get bakus in stories. Definitely enjoyable.Notes on content: No language issues. No sexual content. There's a showdown between a dream beast and the baku in which one of them dies, but the fighting isn't depicted in the pictures and it isn't gory.

  • Mary Catelli
    2019-05-14 22:13

    The title iguana is indeed Wendell. He's so desperate that he calls Danny's great-grandfather even at the cost of being called Wanda again. Armed with the knowledge, he gets Danny to watch him at night and see what the problem is. Then they take the bus to the great-grandfather's, and discover Suki's there. (Danny's great-grandfather had given her a bus pass, which lets her reach the mythological bus stops.) So all together, they deal with it. It involves going to a hot spring for an ally, finding the card catalog in a mental library, a long hallway of locked doors, jumping off a cliff, and more

  • LS Schulz
    2019-04-24 19:12

    Another very fun story about Danny and his friends, although this time Danny must travel inside Wendell's mind to help him with the nightmares he keeps having. He does not go alone, though. He is joined by Suki the Salamander, and they discover a number of interesting things about Wendell and what his fears are as they navigate his dream world and try to rid him of the mythical creature that is causing his nightmares. I laughed at the fact that Wendell would have all of his 'memories' stored as books and recorded in an actual card catalog...very cute touch.

  • Amy
    2019-05-01 23:10

    Disclaimer: I love the Danny Dragonbreath books. Part chapter book, part graphic novel and all fun. The Dragonbreath series reminds me of The Muppet Show, in that there is humor for both kids and adults. In their latest adventure, Danny's best friend Wendell is being plagued by bad dreams (included in his nightmares are quizzes he hasn't studied for, health food he doesn't want to eat, and bullies he tries to avoid). So Danny and Suki (Wendell's "she's just my friend, not my girlfriend" friend) must go into Wendell's brain to try and free him from his bad dreams.

  • Kristina
    2019-05-20 20:00

    I absolutely love this series of books and have been a fan of Ursula Vernon for almost 15 years when she was barely a known artist.In this installment Danny Dragonbreath has to save his best friend Wendell from horrible dreams and stop the fearful Dream Wasp from laying eggs in Wendell's subconscious and making his already odd friend insane.The humor makes even adults laugh, the pictures are great and I am always recommending this series of books to people with kids.

  • Naomi Schmidt
    2019-04-24 19:59

    Not my favorite Dragonbreath book, but still cute and amusing. And after I finished my two-and-a-half-year-old flipped through it making his own story up based on the pictures, which was adorable. And I love how graphic panels are effortlessly integrated into the mostly-text story. More books should do that.

  • Connie Easlick
    2019-05-07 23:06

    I think this children's series is great! Danny is always getting on an adventure whether he is looking for one or not. And he's usually looking for one. He is joined by his friend, Wendell, and this one has Suki in it. They go on an adventure in Wendell's dream to fix it and have a great time! Thank you Ursula Vernon for a great series. My 11 year old girl loves them! The pictures are great too!

  • mandyfujita
    2019-05-21 19:50

    This is a cute adventure with Danny the dragon and Wendell the iguana. Wendell is having a hard time with school. Heaven forbid he had an A- on his paper. At night, his sleep is restless because of all the nightmares he is having. They get help from Great-Grandfather Dragonbreath. Monsters, horses and wasps are all part of this adventure that you'll love.

  • Sarah
    2019-05-18 23:16

    Malcolm says, "I like it because it has a lot of scary stuff and I like scary stuff. And I liked when the monster said, 'Do you want some Brewer's yeast?!" and I liked when the baku fell asleep so many times."

  • Derek
    2019-05-02 03:17

    Really just amazing

  • Jen
    2019-05-12 23:51

    HEEEEE! This book made me giggle. Lots. I love this series so, so, SO much!

  • PWRL
    2019-04-30 19:05


  • Snow
    2019-05-22 22:54

    Still more Dragonbreath fun, this time with a visit from Suki! And I've decided that instead of "librarian," I want to be called "pestilent book botherer."

  • Daniel
    2019-05-20 02:04

    Danny a great dragon who will do anything to help and protect his friend even if he can be annoying at times!

  • Graham Jackson
    2019-04-29 22:01

    Wendell is having some strange Danny and his friend Suki enter Wendell's nightmares.but you never know what you'll find in a super nerd's head.

  • Tiffany Labelle
    2019-05-02 01:49

    This was a cute book that my son and I enjoyed reading together. We love the Danny Dragonbreath series.

  • Nell
    2019-05-06 20:57


  • Samantha
    2019-05-15 23:47

    Perhaps my favorite so far. My daughter loved it, too. She giggled over the crush discomfort poor Wendell suffered.

  • Gabriel
    2019-05-14 18:48

    It was even more exiting then the 7th!

  • Kristy
    2019-04-28 02:52

    Funny and cute. The "Night Mare" bit was a fun play on words as well. :P Nerds will appreciate it.

  • Wetdryvac Wetdryvac
    2019-05-20 20:13

    A completely goofy blast of a book.

  • Shazzer
    2019-05-07 23:53

    Hilarious as always, and it was nice to see Suki again.

  • Holly Letson
    2019-05-19 23:49

    This was a really fun book to read. I loved that Wendell's thoughts were kept in a dream library. I also was happy that Wendell and Suki acknowledged their feelings/relationship for one another.

  • Ashley Nelson
    2019-05-09 20:15

    I continue to enjoy the Dragonbreath books. The dry humor makes this kids' series delightful for adults as well.

  • Oliver
    2019-05-12 19:48

    this book was good because Wendell was not in most of the story because he was asleep! There was an interesting part where there was a big giant waffle.

  • DREWadams
    2019-05-17 03:16

    Wow so crazy.

  • Jasmine
    2019-05-07 23:08

    Heroic dream-exploration to battle a Nightmare Wasp.