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Violet Addison can chat with the dead, but what really frightens her is starting her sophomore year at a new school. Still reeling from the loss of her mother, Violet is about find herself in the company of ghosts . . . both playful and deadly evil. Standing at the threshold to an unseen world with newfound friends at her side, only Violet can uncover the truth behind herViolet Addison can chat with the dead, but what really frightens her is starting her sophomore year at a new school. Still reeling from the loss of her mother, Violet is about find herself in the company of ghosts . . . both playful and deadly evil. Standing at the threshold to an unseen world with newfound friends at her side, only Violet can uncover the truth behind her mother’s death and save the family business--paranormal investigation....

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Spookygirl Reviews

  • Giselle
    2019-03-29 23:19

    Ahh! Morbid humor! :D I have to admit, I almost didn't pick up Spookygirl because of its title. I was afraid it would be a bit too cheesy for me, so I'm happy to say that this wasn't the case. Sure there are some... less than mature moments, but overall the humor is very clever and witty: What you would expect from a teenager who has been seeing ghosts her whole life. Initially I found myself debating between a 3 and a 4 star for this novel. It has quite the predictable plot and parts of the ending are a tad underwhelming, however I can't deny that it's a fun, enlivening novel -- exactly what I was in the mood for -- that I thoroughly enjoyed regardless of its debilitating factors. With Violet's ability to see and communicate with the dead, her father being a mortician, her mother's mysterious death, and friends who go along with her dangerous antics, how is it possible to not get absorbed in this story? Violet's fantastic sense a humor is incredibly amusing, and you can expect to get creeped out a time or two. She's dealing with something evil, something that may actually contradict what her mother has always told her - ghosts can't you you. The secondary characters range from the half vampire (or so he thinks) best friend, to the goth, to the poltergeist pet; all quite charming and unique in their own way, they become good, loyal friends to Violet that, though not notably developed, are great accessories to the story. Fair warning for romantics, there is a complete lack of romance in this novel. I, for one, found it quite refreshing. There is plenty going on inside this plot that a romantic side story is not required. I never felt like there was something missing, nor did I hope for any romantic developments between any of the characters -- to be honest I didn't even make note of it until I wrote this review. It was a great change to have no distraction from the main plot which was plenty interesting on its own. My one complaint is that it's a little underwhelming when it comes to conclusion of the hauntings. I was expecting something much more sinister from the vibe they were emitting. All in all, with a great equilibrium of humor and fright, Spookygirl is a quirky, yet creepy read that is bound to entertain you fully. >An advance copy was provided by the publisher for review.--For more of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads

  • Mlpmom (Book Reviewer)
    2019-03-28 02:27

    Kind of a cute read but it felt more middle grade than YA, but still, a fun little ghost mystery.

  • Jess
    2019-04-16 21:06

    Spookygirl: Paranormal Investigator sounded promising, but didn't live up to my expectations. I'm usually a big fan of ghost talkers and this just didn't do it for me, plotwise or characterwise. It seemed like the author had trouble deciding which haunting plot she wanted to make the main storyline and there was a lot of clunky exposition to deal with. I also don't think it was ever explained why Violet, who can see, talk to and sense ghosts, needed to use ghost hunting equipment to, you know, verify that ghosts were at a location or what sort of haunting it was. It seemed particularly redundant since Violet herself is essentially a piece of ghost detecting equipment. Baguchinsky's universe's rules about the ghosts and the afterlife were ill-defined and particularly convenient for all the characters too.I also wasn't a big fan of Violet, who was incredibly judgmental about everyone, even her friends. For all these "outcast" characters who complain about the evil popular jocks stereotyping them, they sure do a lot of stereotyping and judging themselves. YA authors, if you're going to go with the typical douchebag jocks and cheerleaders as your character's main schoolyard antagonists, actually make them jerks and don't just say they are because they were a letter jacket. I mean, calling the popular people "the void" because they're all so stupid? Hur-dur, how original. Violet mentions she catches the jocks shoving Tim into lockers as evidence of their douchebaggery, but then she plots to and does successfully injure someone in gym class so she can go investigate some ghosts. Plus there was the d-bag move when she erased Emerson Bean's name on a list because it sounded nerdy and stuck-up because oh my god, she just hates gym soooooo much and her pain at having to exercise is more important than whatever dumb reason Emerson put his name on the list first OKAY. Hypocritical much, Violet? I really did like that Spookygirl had absolutely zero romantic interests for Violet and that there was no love triangle in sight. That was completely refreshing for a paranormal YA novel. I loved every second of having a book actually focus on paranormal stuff instead of having it as the backdrop for a ridiculous romance. The haunting at the end of the book was sufficiently creepy and there was some great suspense build up there. I think Jill Baguchinksy has some potential to grow as an author, once some of the obvious first book errors and style issues get cleaned up and edited out.

  • Chelsea
    2019-04-10 19:07

    I picked this book up right after it was released, when I was much younger and not as proficient of a reader. I’ve had it on my shelf for years, so I decided to give it a reread since I barely remembered anything about it.This is the story of a teenage girl named Violet, the daughter of two paranormal investigators, her mother having died mysteriously on one of the investigations. Violet can see ghosts, which makes her life rather complicated. The book starts after Violet moves in with her father and must navigate a new high school.Though Violet is in high school, this book has a very distinct middle grade feeling. It’s light, silly, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Aside from the occasional curse word, the dialogue feels rather juvenile.The best part of this novel by far is the paranormal aspects. I have never read another book that centers on traditional paranormal investigation, and I absolutely loved all of those aspects.Another great thing is that this book has strong friendships and no romance whatsoever.Violet is this book’s biggest weakness. For someone so set on being an outcast, Violet is incredibly judgemental and shows extreme girl hate and popular-people-shaming.“Cherry looked almost agitated enough to cry—not a good idea, considering the gobs of mascara she wore.”And then Violet four pages later: “I’m not emo, I’m not punk, I’m not scene, I’m not any of that. I’m just me, and I don’t like being stereotyped.”The stereotyped characters here are the worst. I hate when novels rag on characters for being “popular” or whatever other high school trope.“See, everyone thinks Dirk was dating that Cherry skank his junior year. She spread that around...but really he couldn’t stand her.” Keep in mind Cherry is an irrelevant side character who has done nothing to warrant being called a skank other than being popular.Those few bits definitely impacted my enjoyment of the novel, but I definitely think younger readers have the potential to get a lot out of this. I would also recommend checking it out if you find paranormal investigation as intriguing as I do.

  • Jessica-Robyn
    2019-04-24 01:03

    Spookygirl: Paranormal Investigator is an easy to read standalone novel in the much beloved genre of teen-girl-sees-ghosts. If that's something you love then this should be a no brainer from the concept alone. I wasn't surprised that I ended up enjoying Spookygirl, but I feel like I can't totally praise it. There were a lot of things in the story that could have been improved upon that I'll be mentioning in this review, but these things didn't really affect my enjoyment because this delivered what I was looking for.Spookygirl impressed me right off the bat with it's unique take on ghost mythos. The plot is centred around Violet and her first foray into paranormal investigation. In this world paranormal investigation takes on a more legitimate spin then the "reality" TV shows I normally relate the term to. In Spookygirl it's a combination of Ghostbuster science and medium abilities. Not all ghosts are created equal and being able to see them doesn't come with a vast understanding of what they are, what they can do, or why they do it, which makes room for the classic voice recordings, temperature gauging, and EMF readings. I found this concept really interesting and would love to see more ghost YA take on the paranormal investigator angle. Over the course of the story Violet has a lot of interesting ghost encounters of a vast variety. We have everything from the jock who's back from the dead, to the killer in the haunted mansion, to the ghost that just loves it's squeaky hamburger, to cemetery ghosts, to violent locker-room hauntings. There is a lot of ghostly action! Although it may sound over-crowded, each encounter worked well in the story and kept things moving. This is mostly because the writing knew how to handle it. Although I wasn't always a huge fan of the themes in the book (more on that later) Baguchinsky's writing was very engaging, especially for a debut. I'll definitely be on the look out for whatever she writes next! Something else that I give Baguchinsky some major credit for is that Violet is a teenage girl who sees ghost, but doesn't fall in love with one! YAY! It's a very nice change of pace to have a YA novel almost devoid of romance, where the main character doesn't for a second think about boys, and instead focuses on more pressing issues. This only makes Violet a better character. Despite having all the social worries most teenagers do, she wishes to embrace her abilities more so than hide them. Although she's not a huge fan of the spotlight she isn't afraid or ashamed of her "Spookygirl" status. It was refreshing to not have a character constantly trying to hide or lie about being able to see ghosts. She's not worried about fitting in when she knows that what makes her special is a good thing. It makes her a stand out among these sort of characters. Even though I enjoyed Spookygirl it for what it is, there are things that should be noted for the prospective reader on the negative side of the spectrum. For all it's originality, Spookygirl can come across as rather standard. The characters and plot lines are all pretty predicable and the lack of ghostly rules are sometimes used for convenience sake. This wasn't a problem for me because I went into this expecting something light and easy, but for people looking for something more this might not be it. The overall theme on the book was one of my pet peeves. This is very much a representation of those high schools where the jocks and cheerleaders are evil and the outcasts are just so darn special because of reasons. It was all rather stereotypical and they were only ever used as characters for Violet and friends to hate rather than anything interesting. These jock characters garner so much scorn, despite only collectively having a estimated total of six or seven lines of dialogue... and one cheerleader's name is Cherry. Side note: When people wonder why athletes look down on reading, one may be able to make the argument that it's because they're generally represented as one-dimensional and evil. The book had more sympathy with a murdering ghost than the popular crowd. ... I'm just saying. The only real complaint I have was the occasional sense of deja vu, which I found to be a bit distracting at first. If your a fan of the genre and you've read the Mediator series by Meg Cabot recently, you may have a similar experience when comparing The Mediator's Suze and Spookygirl Violet. I love both of their characters, but it would be very easy to confuse one for the other. Which can be seen as either a good thing or a bad thing. But these are all minor nick-picks. With all that being said, Spookygirl: Paranormal Investigator should be a go-to for fans of the teen girl sees ghosts genre. It was a lovely read that would, indeed, be an great follow up for fans of the Mediator series (Shadowland) or The Ghost and the Goth and are looking for more of the same.

  • Gypsy Madden
    2019-03-30 02:27

    After too long of a stay at her aunt’s house, Violet is finally moving in with her dad after he has completed his training and gotten his funeral home business off the ground. And predictably they live in a tiny apartment just above the funeral home itself. Normally it would be nice and cozy, but it feels a bit cramped with Violet’s pet poltergeist tearing through the place like an enthusiastic new puppy. In fact, Violet has been able to see ghosts her entire life, and now that she’s moved home with her Dad, she wants to get a hold of her mom’s old ghost investigation equipment and explore the former family business. And her first project is to figure out what evil lurks in the girl’s locker room.I picked this up because I had taken part in ABNA, too and I remember when this won. Though I love the idea of a somewhat goth girl at the center of this story with an ability to see ghosts, I was rather sad that it turned into yet another investigational. Even within the book itself, she ended up doing several investigations. I absolutely loved Buster and his squeaky burger and how she used him as her guinea pig several times and his reactions to things were priceless. In fact, I loved all of the ghosts. They were far more fascinating and had more character to them than the normal people. I even liked her school, though I’m rather sick of high school dramas (at least this one didn’t have the stereotypical bullying that is so prevalent in the indie books right now), and the stereotypes that were presented here did break out of their molds at points. One problem I did have with it was that there were things that contradicted each other. Like that her dad was anti-ghosts and trying to get his daughter to be normal and hoped that she had grown out of seeing ghosts, but he didn’t seem to have any problem with her playing with Buster the poltergeist or cleaning up the ghosts from his work room. And there was the point where she worried she wouldn’t be able to transport Buster, but she had mentioned that she had taken him with her to her aunt’s house which would have obviously involved transporting him. Still, this was a fun light-hearted read and rather humorous at times, with a plucky, determined young heroine not afraid to show off her true colors.

  • Liliana
    2019-03-30 23:17

    Reviewed on Lili Lost in a BookI love a good “I see dead people” sort of ghost story—I just love them! And Spookygirl... it was fantastic!"Show school spirit? No thanks. I had enough school spirits to deal with already."--VioletI guess I should mention that this wasn’t just one ghost story. There were a couple of different ones going on at once. And no, it actually wasn’t overwhelming! The book was so well written that the couple different storylines intertwined perfectly without feeling like there was too much going on. There was the case of the haunted girl’s locker room, the lost painting, and just helping out other stray ghosts along the way... like the one that haunted her dad’s funeral home at the beginning of the book! All this in preparation to tackle the big one—the ghost who killed her mother.You see, Violet’s mother could also see ghosts and actually started a paranormal investigation company. Violet wants to follow in her footsteps, thus all the ghost hunting/ghost helping. It’s too bad her dad won't even talk about her mom, like, at all. I guess she’ll just have to go at it herself... but with the help of some new friends, of course!Speaking of, I loved the secondary characters! All the fun, random ghosts Violet encounters on a daily basis, the cute poltergeist pet, the quirky half-vampire (or, you know, that's what he thinks), and the goth girl who I was actually iffy about at first but started to grow on me once Violet started looking for the Black Rose.As for the climax... it was crazy, but at the same time made me go, “wha?”I don’t understand how Violet did a thing her mother couldn’t even do. So simple of a thing, really. It was kind of disappointing. But the ending itself was interesting and wrapped things up very nicely.Spookygirl was a very enjoyable read, overall! It was fun, creepy at times, and even had some humor thrown in for good measure."I skipped out of English," [Tim] said, holding up a bathroom pass."How long have you been out here?""Ten minutes.""Your teacher's going to think you have some kind of horrible problem."He shrugged. "If she asks, I'll tell her I went out for Mexican food last night and the refried beans tasted weird."(The faux seance scene was my favorite! SO funny!) It had fun ghosts, creepy ghosts, and just plain great characters! I very much recommend this! Can you believe I found this at the dollar store?!

  • Eden
    2019-03-23 19:22

    Like her mother, Violet can communicate with the dead. And Violet's mother was teaching her about the paranormal until she died one night during an investigation. Violet was still a kid when this happened and doesn't remember much about her mother, but she knows she can see the dead like her mother did.After the night her mother died, Violet's father hasn't wanted to talk about it nor did he want anything to do with the paranormal anymore. Between that and partly living with her Aunt, Violet has just had to hide that part of herself.But now Violet is living with her dad and she's decided to pursue her dream: be a paranormal investigator. And Violet knows she can't go to her dad to learn so she'll just have to do it on her own.I love reading paranormal books and I think it is neat there are fiction books coming out about teenage paranormal investigator. I became a paranormal investigator when I was 14. I read the first book in the ghost huntress series last year, which is about a teenage who investigates the paranormal. However, I didn't like that one very much. I think this book is so much better.I like that the character knows not to mess with Ouija boards. They are dangerous. But the whole orbs are just dust thing was brought up. It's a big thing in the paranormal community. Many people that 99% of orbs are dust and if you take pictures of orbs, you're pretty much made fun of. But my group and I have done our experiments of taking orb pictures and we have found it is actually very hard to get dust orbs. Therefore, I believe that most orbs are actually spirits. As for ghost hunting itself, I don't believe it is dangerous. But you should be careful and know what you're doing. Research the places you want to investigate and don't go to places that are haunted by something bad. Those places need to be left to people who know what their doing and how to take care of things like that.I like the story in the book and I like the characters. I hope this is just the first in a series because this book was a pretty good start. I think this could become a great series.

  • Shawna
    2019-04-03 21:19

    This was an entertaining story about a young girl named Violet who lives in an apartment above a funeral home with her father. Violet has inherited her mother's ability to see ghosts, the same ability that was responsible for her mother's early death.The book was full of fun: a pet polterguiest named Buster, ghosts roaming the high school, cemetery pranks, but overall I felt like there were just too many storylines branching off from the main quest. It was like the author couldn't decide which ideas to use and which to leave out so instead threw them all.Most of the story I found slightly juvenile (younger teens would love!) but the ending was gripping! I would have like to have spent a little more time on Riley Island, but alas, the conclusion and explanation came too quickly and I was left feeling unsatisfied and hungry for more.

  • Erika Hébert
    2019-03-24 22:27

    When you ignore the stupid title and the ridiculous cover, this is actually a pretty good book. Even though it's about a girl that hangs around with dead people, it is still very light-hearted and witty. The characters are incredibly loveable and the story is easy to follow. For those of you who like romance, I will tell you that there isn't really a love interest. There are a couple instances of romance, but they don't involve the main character. One of the things I like most about it is that aside from the main focus of the book (her mom), there are a bunch of little adventures on the side to keep your interest. I would definitely recommend reading this book.

  • Erin
    2019-04-17 03:00

    Spookygirl is a wonderfully "not fitting in" story for highschool girls. Violet Addison ends up at a new school. She becomes known as Spookygirl because she lives in a funeral parlor with her father. Her secret is bigger than most people can guess, though. She, like her mother, can see and communicate with ghosts. After Violet's mom died seven years ago during an investigation, her dad refuses to talk about ghosts. Violet finds herself in the middle of more than one paranormal investigation and hopes to end up solving the mystery surrounding her mother's death.

  • Justin Maupin
    2019-03-30 01:12

    Main characters are Violet, her friends, her mom, and her dad. The story is that violet can talk to ghost. Her mother can also, her mom dies on a mission to make a ghost go wherever ghost go. Violets dad will not tell her what happened so she finds out her self. I think that she will help ghost still even though it's a dangerous job.

  • Darian Starr
    2019-04-19 19:26

    A friend of mine bought this book for two dollars and we were both shocked at how amazing the story line was for such a cheap read! Yes it is a bit of a teen read but is still very good. :)

  • Rachel
    2019-04-19 03:05

    This was one of my favorites!

  • Kristen
    2019-04-21 20:03

    I'm used to dead people. They won't leave me alone.Violet, a high school sophomore, has always known that she's inherited her late mother's ability to see ghosts. In fact, it's only one of a handful of weird things about her. But at her new school, she discovers that there's a dark entity hiding in the girls' locker room, and she realizes that even with her lifetime experience of speaking to ghosts, she's woefully under-prepared for dealing with something of this magnitude. Her first real investigation sparks a need inside her: to finish the investigation that led to her mother's tragic end.I read this book a long time ago, when it first came out. Since then, I distinctly remembered liking it, but I had absolutely no recollection of what happened in the story, so I figured it was time for a reread. I will say that even though I've read this book before, I can easily see how first-time readers would be a little reserved when it comes to this book. The title gives a certain cheese factor, and combined with the simple cover, it kind of gives off the vibes of a Disney Halloween special. Look beyond that, though, because the book is a light, but engaging read. Still, there are things that in my older age I found a little... annoying, which I'll touch on.Violet, our MC, is a fun character. Her lifelong ability, combined with her father's job as a mortician, and their apartment above his funeral home, gives Violet a typical "outsider" feel and a sense of morbid humor. At the same time, she's clearly a teenager; she flat out states that she doesn't like to be forced into a stereotypical box, but she has no problems putting others into the boxes she so despises.The other characters are kind of flat, but interesting, adding to the lightness of the book. They include Violet's incredibly geeky father, their poltergeist pet, Violet's new best friend who believes he's part vampire, and the untouchable goth girl. They all lend a sort of humor to the book. And, on a side note, there is absolutely no romance for Violet in this book, which worked for the better, in my opinion.The story is made up of many small plot lines converging. To be honest, there are a lot of pieces to this book: the evil entity in the gym, Violet's goth friend's romance, her mother's death, and so on. Yet they blend together to form a book that's not heavy.What I liked best was the focus on classic investigative style. There are plenty of ghost books out there, but not many put so much emphasis on the investigations the way this one does. Armed with her mother's outdated equipment, Violet sets out to record and corroborate her own experiences, from EMF meters to digital recorders, room thermometers to cameras, and so on. For someone who is completely obsessed with ghost-hunting shows, this really appealed to me.Spookygirl is a fun read, perfect to slide in between heavier books for a bit of lighthearted entertainment. Don't expect too much out of it, just enjoy the ride.

  • Terah
    2019-03-26 01:24

    I want to start by saying that I picked this up on a whim in a library bookstore for 50 cents. It was one of those books that calls to you and I'm so glad it did. Spookygirl was an awesome quick read with morbid humor and just enough paranormal activity to keep you on the edge of your seat. I was so sad to see that this isn't a series. Baguchinsky did a great job of developing the characters and I would love to learn more about them. The main character, Violet is completely likable and relate able. She's not whiny or bitchy despite the unique talent that she's been given and I love that.

  • Elizabeth Rivera
    2019-04-15 02:06

    Violet knows that she inherited her mother’s ability to see ghosts and communicates with the dead.Violet encounters a paranormal activity in the girls locker room.If your an age 10+ and up you should definitely read this book.If you have interests in mystery,horror & suspense genres and if you like fiction books.I would recommend this book because Violet is trying to solve a mystery in the girls locker room, but she is scared and don’t want people to know about this paranormal activity.

  • CJ
    2019-04-01 03:22

    really enjoyable

  • Daniela
    2019-04-08 21:13

    Good book. But to be honest it was kind of boring at last.

  • Mackenzie
    2019-04-15 20:27

    This book wasn't what I thought i was.

  • Linda De
    2019-04-02 22:14

    3.5👻 A 15 yo ghost whisperer cracks a few ghostly cases, and investigates the cause of her mother’s death. Cute story.

  • Allison Kline
    2019-04-24 03:05

    I loved this book when I was younger!!

  • John Clark
    2019-03-28 19:24

    Peer pressure in high school is a given and creates plenty of stress and discomfort, but when you can see and talk to ghosts, not to mention having to deal with rumors that your Dad killed your mother, uneasy takes on a whole new meaning. This is how readers meet fifteen year old Violet as the story begins. For the past several years, she’s been shuttled between her acerbic, disapproving aunt and her father, while he restarts life in a new career. Before Mom died, her parents were Palmetto Paranormal, making a living as investigators of unexplained phenomena and assisting spirits to fine eternal peace. Dad is just now getting up to speed as a funeral director and while things are still tight financially, Violet’s happy to have her own cramped bedroom above the funeral home and assist Dad by doing make up on the recently deceased (applying death spackle is how they describe it). She also intervenes when a ghost is upset and confused in the mortuary. She can see and converse with them, while her father cannot. Violet is less than thrilled at changing high schools, and when she senses something extremely powerful in the girls locker room, it unsettles her so much, she does everything possible to avoid going in there. Despite her unease at a new school, she stands up for a goth boy when he’s bullied by jocks. This new friendship soon has her helping him try to get the head goth girl interested. In the process, she ends up becoming one of the group despite having qualms about the whole friendship deal. As things get spookier in the locker room, in one of her classes and as she becomes more determined to find out what really happened the night Mom died, her new friends become an important part of the mystery-solving process. Add in some funny spirits, one with angst and some with real anger issues, not to mention Buster, who falls somewhere between a puppy and a sulky pre-adolescent and haunts their apartment, and you have a well plotted paranormal story that’s fast paced, funny at times and has some very interesting plot twists. Teens who love strong characters and a good ghost story will like it big time.

  • Millie Dixon
    2019-04-04 18:59

    This review was originally posted over at Millie D's Words.I heard about this book a long time ago on Amazon and my curiosity was piqued, but I wasn't exactly motivated to read the book until I saw it at my local library. It looked like a really cute and dark short read that would entertain me. For some reason, I didn't really find Violet to be very remarkable. I did enjoy her jokes, some of them that probably shouldn't be funny because they were about the dead, but they were. She was likable, but there wasn't exactly a characteristic about her that made her unforgettable.Story wise, even though this was a short read, I was expecting more from it. I felt that with all this darkness centering around this one house, there'd be more of a struggle. Like, this house is supposed to be this terrible and dark and creepy place where people are afraid to even be within a mile radius of it. And there was so much build up for the house throughout the book. I don't know about you, but even if this book is kind of on the light and fluffy side, if there's a haunted house that the characters go into, I expect it to be mind blowing and memorable. I would want it to be the highlight of the book, so when I think back on the book, that is what I remember most about it.Another thing is that I thought that the bows were neatly strung by the end of the book, leaving the story all squeaky clean and a little too bright for a supposedly dark tale. Once again, this book is supposed to be about a paranormal investigator. That's some creepy stuff right there. There was a whole lot of mystery and suspense, but at the very end, it was all neatly solved hastily and I almost expected rainbows and unicorns to start frolicking around. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind reading books that are short, but when things get resolved a little to neatly, even if the book is a standalone, it's off-putting for me.One thing I did like about this book? There was absolutely no romance for the MC. I sure do love my romance in books, but it's very rare to find a book that has absolutely zero romance. And for a teenager in real life, some kids, especially the social pariahs, do not have this epic love that not even the weight of the universe can stop. Doesn't happen. So when Violet did not hookup with some kid, and I wasn't even thinking about it in the book, I was happy about it. I think that a romance would not have fit in for this book and would only have made the romance insta-love-like if it was and the story would have been even fluffier.Spookygirl: Paranormal Investigator was a short and entertaining read about a girl who works to help ghosts find their peace and lives in a funeral home with her father and befriends to goths that join her in her investigations. It was morbidly funny and fast paced, always keeping me interested. If you're interested in a short, different, and paranormal read, Spookygirl: Paranormal Investigator could be a book you would want to read. Initial TohughtsOverall, my feelings are kind of meh. It was cute and there was plenty of witty jokes and paranormal activity, but I felt that with all this darkness centering around this one house, there'd be more of a struggle. The bows were neatly strung by the end of the book, leaving the story all squeaky clean and a little too bright for a supposed dark tale.One thing I did like? There wasn't any romance involved! I'm not saying that I don't enjoy the nice smoochy-smooch scene here and there, but a romance would have been unnecessary, I feel.Full review to come later!

  • Hazel West
    2019-04-13 02:03

    Thoughts on the Overall Book: This was kind of an impulse read for me. I love books with ghosts, but I was a little wary about a teen female protagonist, however, I thought this was a fun quick read and I ended up rather enjoying it.Cover--Yea or Nay: Not a cover that would make me read a book. it's too girly, and too hip for me. If there wasn't the subtitle "paranormal investigator" on this book, I probably never would have picked it up.Characters: At first Violet almost came across with an attitude, but after I got to know her, I liked her. She's not bratty or anything, and though she did have several fights with her dad, it makes sense why, because they are for legit reasons and not just because she's a teen and needs to rebel. She's kind of an outcast too, being able to see ghosts, and living above the funeral home her father owns, and I had a respect for her character that she embraces the weirdness instead of feeling bad about what other kids say about her. I wasn't sure how I felt about Isobel at first either, I'm not usually a fan of goth characters, but when you get to know her, she grows on you. I also really liked Tim, who likes to pretend he's goth, but with his personality really doesn't pull it off. He was cute, and I especially loved how he and Violet and Isobel were all just friends even though he kind of had a crush on Isobel. It's nothing that gets in the way. The ghost characters were fun and I loved Buster the poltergeist. I don't know how something invisible can be adorable, but he was. The Romance: None! (view spoiler)[ except for Isobel's past romance with Dirk who is now a ghost. That was actually a very bittersweet part of the story and I didn't mind it at all (hide spoiler)] As I said before, Violet, Tim and Isobel were just friends which made me happy. Writing Style: It's not the most engaging first person narration either, but Violet's narration is easy to read, and enjoyable with some humor and everything. I liked how she just took things in stride, even when she began to find out that what her mother had told her about ghosts never hurting people turned out not to be true. I liked how she wanted to be like her mom and take on the "family business". I liked how instead of just finding ways to get rid of the ghosts, she actually helped them resolve their issues, kind of more like a ghostly councilor than anything. It was kind of a different take on your typical ghost hunting story, and I enjoyed it. I also liked how there were actually three different plot lines going on to make the story more interesting while she's trying to investigate the case her mother was working on before she died. Accuracy/ Believability: Not really applicable.Problems/What bothered me: I didn't really have any problems with this book. I enjoyed it. Conclusion: 3 stars. A fun weekend read with a satisfying ending. I don't know if the author is planning a series, but I can see it continuing, or I can see it just ending here, and I would be happy with that too.Recommended Audience: Girl read 14 and up. If you like ghost stories that are kind of funny and aren't really creepy or anything, this is a good read.

  • Amy Martin
    2019-04-02 23:10

    I’m not a huge fan of the paranormal genre, but the book cover and plot outline drew me in. And, I’m happy to say, the writing made me stick around. Violet Addison, a high school sophomore who can both see and communicate with ghosts, is an engaging narrator, and her voice is peppered with just the appropriate amount of snark for someone who’s been through what she has at such a young age. As if seeing dead people weren’t enough, Violet’s had to deal with life without her mother, who died mysteriously during a paranormal investigation, an emotionally closed-off father, who gave up paranormal investigations after losing his wife, an aunt who wants Violet to deny her special skills, and the kids at school, who have labeled her “Spookygirl” not only because she sees ghosts, but also because she and her father live above his funeral home. Baguchinsky does an expert job of creating a main character with a tough exterior whose vulnerability breaks through during some of her life’s more dramatic moments, whether those be expelling spirits from the girls’ locker room, reuniting a Goth girl with her deceased jock secret boyfriend, attempting to complete her parents’ final paranormal investigation, or wrangling Buster, the “pet” poltergeist who lives in her apartment. And you thought you had bad days.Spookygirl is the kind of book that grabs you as a reader from the first page and doesn’t let go. The story has so much action that you don’t have time for your mind to wander; I finished the book in two marathon sessions, which is a rarity for me. In addition to seamlessly juggling multiple plots and twists, Baguchinsky has created a cast of likeable characters who turn out to be not quite what they seem, including Coach Frucile, the gym teacher from hell who has more in common with Violet than Violet could have ever dreamed; Isobel, the stereotypical Goth Girl who hides a softer side; and Dirk, the dead football player with a secret. Even Tim, the Goth wannabe who befriends Violet on her first day of school, defies reader expectations and becomes Violet’s slightly goofy platonic friend rather than her hopelessly dorky romantic admirer.At its heart, Spookygirl is family story about a girl facing life without her mother and struggling to be the person she needs and wants to be in the face of her father’s objections. Violet’s relationship with her father is both heartbreaking and real, and Violet is at her most vulnerable in the glimpses readers get of her childhood relationship with her deceased mother. Readers who have lost or been separated from a parent will sympathize with Violet’s struggles to deal with the past and connect with her father (readers learn that Violet was also separated from her father for a time as well, living with her aunt).Spookygirl is intended to be the first book in a series, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Violet, her family, and her friends in the next book. Jill Baguchinsky is an author to keep an eye on, and I dare you to read this book and not want a Buster of your very own.

  • Jenny
    2019-04-19 02:15

    Review originally posted to my blog, A Bookish Co-OpYou had me at hello...So from the moment I saw Spookygirl at the bookstore I knew I had to have it. The title alone screamed me. Ghost books are my favorite in YA and Spookygirl isn't your just typical ghost story.For starters, this book is fun and light. It's not all dark and broody and there's no creep-factor. Ok, that last bit is a lie, but not really. There are a few moments where stuff is kind of like woah. You know, a creepy disembodied voice asking if you want to know what it feels like to drown, but totally nothing to lose sleep or waste electricity over (unless you're reading of course, I mean by all means, READ ON!) And I appreciate that. Who says all paranormal stories have to parallel The Exorcist?And on that note, I TOTALLY want my own Buster. No, that is not a cool gadget for ghost hunting. Buster is Violet's "pet" poltergeist (DUDE!!!!!) who acts like a neurotic dog on mass amounts of caffeine. WANT! Wait, I have something similar, it's called a Dachshund... still how cool would it be to have Buster?! He's introduced in the first couple of pages and I totally squealed in the car from delight. I craved the scenes with Buster, he is just the greatest idea ever. He's basically this invisible energy that haunts Violet's family, loves his squeaky cheesburger toy, playing pranks, and eating oatmeal cookies, Oh and he's even crate trained. Let me say this again, Greatest. Idea. Ever.Another thing I liked is there are no spells, incantations, holy water, circles of salt and pentagrams. Instead it was talking while dodging flying objects and the like. Sometimes I like the simple reasoning, 'You're dead, that sucks get over it and GTFO' instead of the complicated go to of hocus pocus and salty, holy-watered down virgin blood.So, I don't want to say much else because really you need to read it to understand the pure enjoyment of reading this book and well a few parts are easily predictable. Anna Dressed In Blood will always be my top favorite Ghostly book, but sometimes you need that fun, light read too and that's where Spookygirl comes in. Violet even reminds me of Cas from ADIB. I definitely also recommend this book to fans of Stacey Kade The Ghost and The Goth series.I haven't heard if there's going to be a sequel yet, but my fingers are tightly crossed.P.S. I adore that cover AND the story takes place in Florida, my home state. Even more WIN!

  • Kaine Andrews
    2019-03-26 20:22

    First confession; when I picked this book up I thought it was something else. I didn't read the inner flap, and from the back flap, the cover and the other books that were with it at the time, I thought it was non-fiction.Was I a little surprised when I started reading and discovered it was a YA novel about a teenager with a dead mom, family troubles, potential romantic entanglements and the struggles of fitting in while being a freak? Yeah.Was I further surprised when I discovered it to actually be fairly smart, well written, and entertaining? Also yes.Spookygirl has an interesting narrative set up, with a teenage medium heading into a new school with new living conditions as she resumes living with her widowed father above his mortuary. Thankfully, Dad is at least understanding of her "gifts," and not above using those gifts to help folks move on or at least find some peace in the afterlife. The mystery of Mom's death - and Dad's potential involvement in it - is left appropriately vague, being prodded at in regular intervals. Not so often that you feel the need to say "shut up, already, we get it," and not so infrequently that you have that "Oh, right, that was a thing that happened" moment. The bulk of the book serves as our heroine getting used to the new situation and picking up the family business so she can attempt to resolve her issues about Mom's death, and it's done decently well. It's a fun little romp, the literary equivalent of a bag of chips: Tasty enough, at least mildly satisfying, not too offensive, but not going to create any earthshattering moments, either.The book is competent and entertaining and does what it set out to do. If I have any complaints, it's the giant red herring as regards the school haunting and the too-tidy way it gets rectified, leaving one character in a plot hole somewhere and never referencing her again, and the far-too-shiny-happy ending that ties everything up while leaving room for another volume, but without any real sense of sacrifice. It's 100% happy ending, and while that may be due to the genre, it felt far too tidy and left me a little sour.Overall, though, I'd say it's worth checking out if you're into teenagers and spooks, and has the advantage of not being too heavy handed with the romantic angle - and our heroine doesn't end with a boyfriend, so bonus, there - while still remaining reasonably acceptable to its assumed target audience. Worth a read.

  • Michele
    2019-04-15 00:20

    This, and other reviews can be found on my blog Just a Lil' LostViolet Addison was only seven when her mother died under mysterious circumstances during a paranormal investigation. Since then, Violet has been shepherded between her Aunt Thelma and her father, a man who was starting up a funeral home business while determined not to have any memories of his former paranormal investigator life. When she starts the school year at a new high school and realizes that there were a lot of ghosts roaming the halls that she could communicate with, Violet is determined to use her abilities to finish the case that her mother couldn’t – with or without her father’s help.Being a huge fan of the show Ghost Hunters, I was immediately drawn to the idea of Spookygirl. Granted all I know about paranormal investigations is what I’ve seen on TV, I felt Baguchinsky did a fantastic job of capturing the lingo, the process and the equipment that are important to a successful investigation. And after having just finished Joanne Levy’s Small Medium at Large, Violet feels like the teenage version of what Lilah grows up to be like. It turned out to be an appropriate transition between books.It’s really a personal hangup of mine where stories about those who can hear ghosts always seem to have such cliché or campy conversations with them. True, not all ghosts are necessarily menacing and scary but there’s got to be a middle ground between cheesy and terrorizing. Spookygirl has an interesting blend of all different kinds, from scary to sappy – it makes for an interesting cast of characters. I did find some of the scenarios a bit too easily explained away, like it was packaged up in a neat bow and problem solved.That being said though, I really enjoyed this book. It was like a YA version of watching a Ghost Hunters episode at times and this isn’t the last we’ll see of Violet Addison either. With the way this story leads to the ending, it definitely leaves it open to become a ghost hunting series. Looking forward to future cases with this young investigator!

  • Chibineko
    2019-04-06 02:22

    I had this on my TBR pile for ages but didn't get around to reading it until now. Oh my goodness, but this is a good book and one that hopefully will have a followup book sometime in the future. It's just a shame that this isn't as better known as it is, because this really deserves not only a big following but the movie tie-ins that seem to be so prevalent nowadays. It very much deserves not only the ABNA award it won, but it deserves more recognition as a whole. This is fairly lighthearted for the most part, despite some of the darker elements that are occasionally brought up. There is mention of death and our (living) characters are put in very real peril towards the end of the work, but overall this is something that could be read by a wide variety of readers. I liked that there's really no romance to speak of in this book when it comes to the main character Violet, as the whole insta-crush thing is just so overdone in YA books that it makes me want to scream. There is one character that was introduced partway through the book that gives me the impression that if Baguchinsky were to continue on with the story, there could be a connection there. The characters here are pretty nice as well. They're interesting in that while they do sort of fall into the typical YA UF roles (offbeat lead female, quirky friend, goth girl, etc), they don't overly revel in those roles and they're endearing enough to where you don't really care when they do come across as a little familiar. The character development could have been a little better for some of the supporting characters and for some of the characters that were mentioned, but there's enough for this to work as a standalone novel and if hopefully there are future books, this can be worked out in future novels. Please let there be future books in this universe. If you're wondering if you should get it, get it. I can't recommend this highly enough. I'd been burnt out on YA novels for a while now and I ended up becoming so engrossed in this that I almost ended up being late for work last night. I don't think I can give any higher of a recommendation than that.