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Just when she thought she had life and love all figured out… Divorce attorney Harper James can’t catch a break. Bad enough that she runs into her ex-hubby, Nick, at her sister’s destination wedding, but now, by a cruel twist of fate, she’s being forced to make a cross-country road trip with him. And her almost-fiancé back at home is not likely to be sympathetic. Harper canJust when she thought she had life and love all figured out… Divorce attorney Harper James can’t catch a break. Bad enough that she runs into her ex-hubby, Nick, at her sister’s destination wedding, but now, by a cruel twist of fate, she’s being forced to make a cross-country road trip with him. And her almost-fiancé back at home is not likely to be sympathetic. Harper can’t help that Nick has come blazing back into her life in all of his frustratingly appealing, gorgeous architect glory. But in Nick’s eyes, Harper’s always been the one. If they can only get it right this time, forever might be waiting—just around the bend....

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  • Melissa
    2019-04-24 01:31

    *4.5 stars*If you’re in the mood for a great laugh, My One and Only won't have to work very hard to drag it out of you. This addictive, snarky and all-around hilarious story played out like a rom-com in my mind, scene by glorious scene. A second chance romance I gobbled up like yummy buttery popcorn. I’ll admit, the beginning of the story was a tad cheesy for my taste buds, but considering my love for If You Only Knew, I decided to stick it out and it more than paid off. Turns out, the level of depth and emotion was so much more than I initially gave it credit for. Hey, I can admit when I'm wrong.Harper is a divorce attorney with a cynical edge, a woman that comes off as no-nonsense and driven. So, it’s kind of funny that she’s trying to attach herself to someone that’s more of a man-child than anything else. Sure, Dennis or ‘Den’, as she likes to call him, is gorgeous, incredibly sweet and saves lives for a living, but anyone can see things don't quite fit, or was it just me? I don’t know, if you have to buy your own engagement ring, he has a rat-tail and calls you “dude” . . . I would run the other way. Just sayin’ . . . is there really a future there?Harper is forced into mama bear mode when her little sister breaks the news that she’s marrying Harper’s ex-husband’s brother and after only a few weeks of dating. Some might call that spontaneity romantic and sweet, but not Harper. Not only does it take all of her willpower to bite her tongue, but she has to face the one person that's become her biggest regret, Nick.The best part of the entire story was Nick and those gypsy eyes of his. Harper and Nick didn’t hold back for a single second and I ate it up. I’m talking great one-liners, hilarious jabs and snarky snark. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how Harper walked away from him. Why, oh why, leave this perfect man? I know, I know, no one is perfect, but I've gotta say, he's pretty darn close.The author strings us along with little tidbits of their past, some silly and fun antics that happen along their forced road trip and even throws in some heart-wrenching moments shared between the estranged pair. There’s a few life lessons to learn here, too—you can’t just bail when things get tough or how about, no one has a crystal ball—sometimes you just have to let go and trust things will work out in the end.“You sure are memorable.”I have to say, what an epically great ending to such an amusing story. It's one deserving of a standing ovation or a resounding awww.

  • Lady Gabriella of Awesomeness
    2019-04-05 23:15

    4 1/2 I-freakin-love-these-two-stars !!! :) .ME: I KNOW !!!!Seriously..With such a solid plot and lovable main characters..I found it very hard To find faults with 'MY ONE & ONLY'"COME ON FLOREANCE !"I yelled out of the window."CAN YOU MOVE IT ?"The driver of the car extended and arm....and a finger.It was a male arm and a finger.And then the car door opened,with my ex husband stepping out. ME: Lmao.....Seriously these Two LOL these guys are hilarious,and if not that...just plain beautiful together.And that's just one of the reasons main reason this book will always hold a place in my Favourite shelf.“I'll tell you something, Harpy," he said, his voice almost a whisper now. "It never even occurred to me that we wouldn't make it. And it never occurred to you that we would. You were just waiting for us to go down in flames. I thought we could get through anything.” I loved how the story stayed realistic and the way the author ploted out the story so skillfully that in the end ,neither Harper nor nick was actually to blame for the ultimate divorce.I could actually see how this kind of thing happening to so many couples out there..and that's just seriously sad.RECOMMENDATION: READ THIS.

  • Didi
    2019-04-05 21:15

    4.5 STARSThis is going into the 'faves by Kristan Higgins' pile. It was angsty, emotional and beautifully written. Nick Lowery,( all I think is Bad Boys with Will Smith!), is probably one of the most endearing and compelling male Hero's by this author. He's right up there with Lucas from Waiting On You, with the same dark, gypsy eyes that never fail to tell a story, and the same intense temperament that manages to lure you in and trap you.His dedication on initially wooing Harper when they were younger to his singular focus on getting her back was incredible. He saw what he wanted, and he's always wanted Harper, and went after it. Harper was a tragic heroine this time around, abandoned by her mom at 13, raised by her recalcitrant father and ultimately being forced into accepting a new stepmom and her daughter. And unlike typical stepmom's, Bever Lee was loving and sweet, even if took Harper years to acknowledge that. But Harper always held people an arms length away, never letting them get close in fear of their impending abandonment. Of course this included Nick. So a marriage at 21 to the love of her life had 'tragically doomed' written all over it. Nick thought they'd last, Harper didn't. And you know what they say about self-fulfilling prophecies. The scene things crashed and burned broke my heart, I was sobbing like a baby.12 years later, Harper, now a successful divorce attorney, is shocked by her step sister, Willa, with the news she's getting married to Nick's stepbrother no less, and Harper's the MOH! This dredges up all sorts of memories, sad ones, happy ones and most definitely hurtful ones. A road trip brings them together and somehow reconnects them, but Harper is still scared, still fearful to let Nick in fully. What ensues is a beautiful and emotional story of letting the ghosts of our past finally rest, and accepting the truth behind letting go and letting those close, in. Did I mention I LOVED Nick?! He was amazing! And while it took Harper some time to actually see what was in front of her, the scene she finally does was both memorable and heart melting. You actually felt the electricity crackle off the pages reading about these two. The epilogue was perfect, exactly what I'd hoped it'd be, and the secondary characters from Harper's family to Nick's was touching. The thing is, KH always writes such comprehensive stories. There's a huge and important cast of characters that only add richness to her books. I cried, I laughed, I sighed....loved it, loved it!

  • KarenH
    2019-03-25 19:25

    First of all, if you are on the fence about whether or not to read this book because it is giving you that "chick-lit" vibe, you can climb down now sista and start reading ...this one is all about the romance.My One and Only is Harper Evan's story, a 33-year-old divorce (and divorced) lawyer living year-round on Martha's Vineyard with her Toto-lookalike dog. She is attractive, successful...but OMG what a force to be reckoned with!. She is cynical, she is sarcastic and she has extreme OCD issues. Having as much to do with her personality as with her profession, she "gives advice" (think "forcing it down one's throat") to family, friends, strangers...wherever she (and only she) thinks it is needed.Early on, Harper is telling Dennis, her hunky fireman BF of 2 years, that it's time to get married...reading him a list of changes he needs to make before they do the deed, and then whips out the engagement ring she bought for herself! I don't like doormat heroines, but would I enjoy an opposite to the extreme? Fortunately, we learn early on why Harper is so controlling, why she refuses to leave anything to fate, and why she is in the business of breaking up marriages, although to Harper's credit her clients come to her when their marriages are already in trouble, and she simply counsels them with her motto "accept in your heart what your head already knows". (Having been through a divorce, I might have spared myself the unnecessary grief and wasted time spent trying to make the marriage work if someone would have counseled me with that advice.)Under Harper's many layers of self-imposed protective armor, we find there is a frightened and vulnerable girl beneath who has had her heart broken the two people she loved the most. Nick Lowery, Harper's ex-husband and the love of her life, is one of those two people. Now Harper is on her way to Montana to serve as maid-of-honor for her sister, Willa, who is marrying Chris Lowery, Nick's brother. Harper and Nick haven't seen each other for 12 years...This is the first book I've read by Kristan Higgins and I was totally blown away by how talented she is. I admire authors in general simply because they have the ability to come up with an idea that they can stretch over several hundred pages. Then there is that select group of authors who are, to me, what movie stars are to my mother. I want to see them in the first in line to buy their latest about them, talk with eternally infatuated with each and every one of them because they provide my entertainment, and, therefore, are responsible for a big chunk of my happiness. In short, they are my auto-buys. With one book, Ms. Higgins is in. She is a fantastic storyteller and funnier than hell...which, IMO, is no small feat. I make an effort to avoid authors that try to be funny because it rarely works for me in a romance novel. But KH has that great talent of being subtly funny - kind of in the dry humor family - and I was LOL throughout the entire book! Not a big deal, you say? A common mechanism used by writers? Then let me rephrase that: KH (love the initials) has the unique ability to make you laugh out loud on one page and have you sobbing miserably on the next. No kidding! It happens so many times you are emotionally spent (but in a good way) by the end of the book.My One and Only is also a great character study. Whether it be the wise-cracking priest, Father Bruce, Harper's Tammy Faye Baker-like stepmother BeverLee, or Nick's half-brother Jason (I wannabe Tom) Cruise, everyone who has a speaking part in this book is a lifelike, 3-dimensional character. Assessing these people through Harper's eyes is a delight, and for the first time I truly enjoyed a book written in first person. Harper is the "smart-ass extraordinaire" and so downright candid that it is a little shocking at first but wicked cool once you get used to it. In fact, I think I was suffering from a little 'heroine worship' there for awhile as she acted out in situations the majority of us would never have the nerve to attempt.At that moment, Jodi Pickering, Dennis' high school girlfriend and a waitress here, shoved the prow of her bosom in Den's jaw. "Are you all set here, Denny?" she asked, ignoring me and giving my soon-to-be fiance a docile, cowlike gaze. "Hey, Jodi. What's up?" Dennis said, grinning past her 36-Ds to her face. "How's the little guy?" "Oh, he's great, Denny. It was so nice that you stopped by the game the other night. He just loves you! And you know, without a father in the picture, I think T.J. really needs ---" "Okay, we get it, Jodi-with-an-i," I said, smiling pleasantly up at her. "You have an adorable son and are still quite available. Dennis, however, is with me. If you would just take your boobs out of my boyfriend's face, I would deeply appreciate it."LOLEven Harper's dog, Coco, a tiny Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix, had a personality (albeit that of a drama queen).Though I'd checked on Coco numerous times throughout the day and Dennis had taken her on a few walks, she was in full Chihuahua orphan mode, huge eyes, still body, not raising her head from her tragic little paws, looking at me as if I'd just locked her in Michael Vick's basement...I realize I'm putting emphasis on the book's humor but overall the storyline is very serious and quite heart-wrenching. This is Harper and Nick's very precious but very sad love story...two people who had found that true, once-in-a-lifetime love together but were unable to hold on. Their siblings' wedding will bring them back together for the first time in 12 years. Will they at least be able to get the closure they both need so desperately?My throat tightened, and the nearness of him, the only man who ever made me feel just sucker-punched my heart. "Sleep tight," I whispered. "You, too."God, I'd missed him.Nick was quiet, his skin as warm as I was cold. We lay like that for a long time, not talking, not moving. The wind blew, Coco adjusted herself and gave a little doggy snore. Nick's breathing was slow and even, and this...the two of us lying together, was as comforting and wonderful as anything I'd ever felt. And horrible, because it brought such a pain to my heart. We'd had something special and rare, Nick and I. There had been more to our marriage than loneliness and tunnel vision and wretched communication skills. There'd been times like this, lying in the dark...together.When I was sure he was asleep, I touched his hand. Just a little, just a little brush of my fingertips against the back of his lovely, wonderful hand. "You asked why I couldn't forgive you," Nick said, very quietly, and I jumped a little. "It was because you were the love of my life, Harper. And you didn't want to be. That's hard to let go."*sigh* Such a good book.many, many stars ********

  • BookLover
    2019-04-07 23:26

    “Divorce Attorney Risks Hell and High Water to Win Her Man”One of the better second chance romances I have read and I LOVE a good second chance romance.Harper, a successfully and often UN-impartial divorce attorney, had her world turned upside down when she was forced to face her painful past in the form of ex-husband Nick. Her sister was marrying Nick’s brother, Christopher, and Harper hadn’t seen Nick in thirteen years.On the outside, Harper had been ticking off all the boxes that would give her the perfect life. But she had a very firm wall up to protect her from ever feeling abandoned again and with good reason. As a result, her "ticked boxes" were not so well thought out as she imagined.I loved Nick from the first moment he showed up on the pages. I felt an immediate connection with him and hoped he would do what was needed to win Harper back. In no time at all, it was clear he had never really moved on from their relationship and I couldn’t wait to see how things would progress.I really should have hated Harper. She had one of the character traits I hate most in books - the I’m afraid of being left/hurt so I’m going to sabotage this situation for no reason and leave/hurt you first. Instead, I truly felt for her. Nick was no saint in their failed relationship and in most scenes, I took Harper’s side and felt she was justified in her feelings. I kept thinking to myself - Nick, please pull your head out of your ass and admit your role in the breakdown of your marriage.As is always true with Kristan Higgins books, this story was about much more than Harper and Nick’s romance. Told in the first person from Harper’s point of view, I got a very up close and personal look into Harper's relationships with more than just Nick and it really allowed me to understand what made her tick. She was witty, sarcastic and always on the cusp of really putting herself out there. My heart bled for her.If you have ever read any Kristan Higgins books, they are often filled with funny blind dates, misunderstandings and internet mishaps. Though this book didn't have that, I have to say that Dennis's "rat-tail" and all that went with it was thoroughly enjoyable. I think I will giggle every time I hear "Dude" for the next little while.Truly enjoyable read.

  • ♥Sharon♥
    2019-04-22 20:23

    4.5 StarsWhat a wonderful story!!I just love Kristan Higgins writing. Her books always leave me with that warm fuzzy feeling. She has a knack for taking you on a bit of a roller coaster ride with her characters that will have your heart doing funny things and put a silly grin on your face. I adored Harper and Nick's story. ❤(This has nothing to do with the book rather it is an image result for 'warm fuzzy feeling') :)

  • Dija
    2019-04-20 22:17

    My list of authors to stalk follow keeps growing every time I read a new contemporary novel, it seems. My One and Only is the first book of Kristan Higgin's I've read, and I can't wait to read the rest of them.My One and Only begins with divorce attorney, Harper, trying and failing to convince her boyfriend of more than 2 years to finally marry her, as she'll be turning 34 soon and wants a stable family life. While she's popping the question, her sister calls to tell her that she's getting married for the third time to none other than Harper's ex-husband, Nick's, half-brother. Naturally, Nick and Harper have a lot of unfinished business and their close proximity at the wedding only results in what we all knew would happen all along - a second chance for the two which eventually results in a HEA ending.Rather predictable, right? Not. Even though the basic plot skeleton is evident from the get-go, there are still several minor plot twists and details that managed to surprise and intrigue me. My One and Only completely falls under the category of the type of book you swear you'll only read for a few minutes before bed, and before you know it, you're exclaiming out loud how perfect the ending was. Harper is extremely easy to relate to, even though her denials did get a tad annoying at parts. Nonetheless, Higgin's writing flows so smoothly that you can't help but become absolutely engrossed in the story, no matter how badly the characters are messing up. Nick...oh, dear, sweet Nick. There are alpha males and then there are the boy-next-door types. I'm a complete sucker for both, and dare I say it, even more so for the latter. Nick fell in love with Harper at first sight, and while that usually irritates me, he's so devoted to her that I actually believed in it, at least for the duration of this book. Higgin's does a perfect job of alternating between the past and present, letting us know little by little how Harper and Nick initially fell in love, how things went wrong, and how they eventually get better. I highly recommend this book to all readers who enjoy something light and fun every once in a while. And because this is the first CR I stayed up all night to read, My One and Only will always hold a special place in my heart. For more reviews, visit my blog.

  • Viri
    2019-03-29 22:32

    ¡YA ESTÁ LA REVIEW COMPLETA EN EL BLOG! Les dejo el link abajo :) ver... Había pensado en ponerle cinco estrellas pero creo que mejor me las voy a reservar, así que lo dejó en cuatro estrellas porque de verdad me gustó mucho.Una vez aclarado esto voy a comenzar con la reseña diciendo que...Definitivamente quiero un Nick ❤️❤️❤️ en mi vida y es que fue encantador desde el principio, supo conquistarme lentamente justo como lo hizo con Harper. *suspiro* La historia es preciosa, de esas que son pausadas y se van metiendo poquito a poquito en tu corazón, simple, pero bien tramada y con una narración que me recordó mucho al estilo vivaz y jocoso de mi amada SEP, la historia tenía amor, dolor, miedo y un montón de sentimientos. Fue una historia profunda a mi modo de ver, de descubrimiento y de segundas oportunidades. El tema es uno de mis favoritos pues siempre me ha llamado la atención el saber qué pasa después del "SI ACEPTO" y con Harper y Nick he logrado conectar completamente. Debo decir que soy consciente de la cantidad de clichés en este libro pero vamos... Soy amante de los tópicos, y si nos ponemos a pensar dudo mucho que a estas alturas alguien pueda crear una historia totalmente nueva. Por cierto, el estilo de la autora me cautivo totalmente, solo había leído un libro suyo y esa cercanía con el lector me supo a miel. Ahora, con una narración ágil pero pausada PARA MÍ, EL ÚNICO. Me encantó. Ahora, hablando de los protas... Nick era el protagonista perfectamente imperfecto, y lo sigue siendo, 12 años después de haber terminado con la que fuera la mujer de su vida. Amé que nada más conocerse el viera en ella su futuro, ame que la apoyará cuando lo necesito y amé que la dejara ir tanto como ame que luchará por recuperarla.Nick es, *insertar emoji con corazoncitos* ufffff pero es que no sé ni siquiera como describirlo. Hace tiempo que un protagonista masculino no me dejaba tan sin palabras, pero es que amaba su perfección, su sarcasmo, su actitud, su dolor, su esperanza... SU TODO. Me enamoró totalmente. Y es algo realmente sorprendente ya que odio solo tener el punto de vista del personaje femenino pero es que me encandiló. Siento como que no puedo expresar todo lo que fue con palabras. En cuanto a Harper, ¿qué puedo decir? Algunas veces pude reconocer que su actitud era más bien la de una niña asustadiza y pequeña que iba de dura más de la cuenta, pero no sé si es que ando hormonal, estoy haciéndome vieja o que se yo, ella logró que la comprendiera, con sus locuras, miedos y metidas de pata me mantuvo en vilo por cada cosa que le pasaba.La historia como dije es sentimental, tierna y profundamente inspiradora. Al menos a mi así me lo pareció. Dicho está de más que no dure ni un día para terminar el libro. Así que además de la narración ágil es una novela que te seduce poco a poco y cuando menos lo esperas ya te tiene en sus garras. Totalmente sorpresiva pues no me esperaba para nada algo como lo que encontré, tanta cantidad de sentimientos escondidos y luchas internas que no tenía ni pensados. Yo creía que iba a reír a mares con el libro (y no me mal entiendan que si lo hice) pero la calidez y tristeza podía palparlas entre las hojas. Sorry ya me puse onda poética, no me crean tanto así que mejor denle una oportunidad que dudo que los decepcione.LA RESEÑA COMPLETA PRONTO EN EL BLOG.

  • willaful
    2019-04-18 22:13

    There’s a scene in this book in which Harper and Nick, reuinted exes, watch a movie in a theater while loudly snarking and annoying everyone near them, just like old times. If you get the sense from that that both of these people are kind of self-absorbed assholes, well, I think you’d be right.I’m so ambivalent about this book. It was well-written and powerful, and I couldn’t put it down, so it doesn’t seem appropriate to give it a low rating. Yet I can’t exactly say I “liked” it. Parts of it were so desperately sad I could barely stand it, yet at the same time it seemed much more like watching a shallow romantic comedy than reading a book. (It would be about the work of five minutes to turn the story into a screenplay, complete with meet-cute and splashy finish -- literally.) It veered from much too close to the bone to annoyingly pat. And I didn’t love Nick nearly as much as I was obviously supposed to, with his “sad gypsy eyes.” I disliked his nasty ex routine -- calling Harper, “Harpy” -- and his overly romantic attitude. Harper is shown as the bad guy here, the one who annoyingly insists on being sensible and thinking things through -- well, after a nasty divorce that lasted twelve years, that doesn’t seem like a ridiculous attitude to me, not at all.It was interesting to see Higgans write about a different kind of heroine than usual -- instead of being an insecure woman chasing after a man, Harper is beautiful and successful, but closed off. It’s a sadder read, but the humor is still strong -- excepting Harper’s truly terrible taste in curse words. “Crotch.” (Sometimes, "Crotchety crotch crotch!") “Holy testicle Tuesday.” Gross me out the door.Still, despite all the things that bugged me, I did think this was a memorable book, with interestingly imperfect characters. The theme of the love that just won't die is very touching and despite Higgan's usual low-steam level, the story feels genuinely passionate -- otherwise it wouldn't hurt so much to think of them separated for twelve years.

  • Juan Vorágine
    2019-04-15 22:21

    Kristan Higgins ha vuelto a conquistarme con una de sus novelas autoconclusivas. Aunque no me ha enganchado y encantado tanto como los dos primeros de "Blue Heron", he disfrutado mucho de su lectora y de la bonita prosa de la autora. Además, su sello de identidad está claro: el amor por los animales y la ambientación hogareña.Si no habéis leído nada de la autora, recomiendo que lo hagáis.Reseña completa:

  • Nina
    2019-04-03 02:22

    I guess this makes it official: I'm back into het romance.This was just perfect. Period.It has the most amazing cast - from the extremely likeable and relatable MC, Harper, whom I couldn't help but see as Donna Paulsen/Sarah Rafferty, to dreamy Nick (oh, Nick), from that sweet lug Dennis to exasperatingly sweet BeverLee - and a plot that's pretty linear up to a certain point, and then starts twisting and turning around like one of those crazily powerful hoses you see in comedies.It has elements that usually irk me, namely a dog (give me cats any day) and an interfering family, that somehow I ended up adoring; it has New York and a lawyer and a second chance romance, which are things that I normally love and ended up loving even more in this case.It has humour and sexual tension.It has unobtrusive but extremely atmospheric descriptions.It has smooth writing - invisible and flowing.Oh, you want to know about the romance?I'm not sure, because I loved everything in this novel, but I think the way the romance was handled might just be what gave me back my faith in M/F. It's not overdramatic like those Elizabeth Lowell books I was a sucker for just four years ago (don't judge me. I'm sure you have things you're ashamed of too) or cheesy, but it's not over-the-top dreamy and light and romantic either. It's far from being erotica, but it does have some spice.What it is is simply full of emotion - the real, raw kind. The kind that makes you devour over 300 pages of a book in one day and then leaves you feeling bereft and abandoned, but fully satisfied and grinning like a lunatic. These characters are actual adults, not those teenagers in wrinkled bodies you usually see in M/F (sorry, you know it's true). They make idiotic mistakes, they fuck everything up, they realise where they went wrong, they try to fix it. And since this is a romance, they succeed. Thankfully.It's a mature story that deals with love in all its forms and with all the doubts that come with it, yet somehow it keeps a light tone all the way to the end, making it an easy but substantial read.In case you couldn't tell, I'm still kind of shell-shocked by how much I liked this book.Anyhow, the point is: I just gave a het romance glowing praise. That should tell you something.

  • A_Ryan
    2019-04-01 00:21

    5"Holy Testicle Tuesday"Stars!!!!"It never even occurred to me that we wouldn’t make it . And it never occurred to you that we would.What's it about:About a cynical romantic who divorces theoneand twelve years later finds that their paths cross again. The best bits:It is hilarious!!! I absolutely love Higgins' writing. She has fast become one of my go-to authors. As always, she captures the chemistry between two main characters beautifully, and here she creates two souls who were meant to be together. Always. I loved so many things...The thrill of the bear scene.The breathtaking bridge scene.The heartbreaking ring scene.The step mum: Bever-Lee Roberta Dupres McKnight Lupinski JamesThe fireman boyfriend who calls you "dude"I loved it all! The worst bits:The father. (view spoiler)[ I didn't like the way he dealt with Harper all those years. I think bringing BeverLee home so soon and then basically shutting Harper out (at least emotionally) was heartbreaking.(hide spoiler)] I know that not everyone will have a problem with him, but his storyline just "irked" me. Recommended for:Fans of second chance romances.

  • Vinaya
    2019-03-31 02:18

    I ♥ Kristan Higgins. Along with Jennifer Crusie, she is one of the Queens of Contemporary Romance. I've read every book she's written, and they're always consistently warm, funny, moving and, most of all, romantic. At a time when way too many romance novels rely on the 'Me Tarzan, You Jane' formula, Higgins forms a bright spot in the firmament, with stories that are real, characters that are flawed, and relationships that are warm and funny. My One and Only, like most of Kristan's books, has a screwed-up hero, a screwed-up heroine, a screwball cast of family, friends and random strangers and a dog. Harper is a divorce lawyer par excellence, a shark in the legal circles of Martha's Vineyard. She's thirty four and she has a life plan - have a calm, contented, stable marriage with her hot, easy-to-manage firefighter boyfriend Dennis. Unfortunately, this excellent idea is foiled when Dennis seems less than pleased about being presented with a marriage proposal that logically lists why they are compatible, and a long list of requirements from Harper's end. Harper's wedding plans are further complicated by a call from her naive and hopelessly fickle stepsister Willa, who announces her own wedding to Harper's ex-husband's half-brother. Harper hasn't seen Nick, her ex, in twelve years, but suddenly, she's not only forced to spend time with him at the wedding, she soon finds herself on a cross-country trip with the man she had once loved more than life itself.Harper, with her abandonment issues, and Nick, with his one-track, obsessive planning, are both adorable, if occasionally frustrating. Dennis is an amiable lump; Willa is sort-of annoying in that car-crash-waiting-to-happen kind of way. Harper's stepmother BeverLee is larger than life, the perfect foil for her almost-silent husband. But even more than these central characters, it is the ones who appear in small scenes here-and-there that reveal Higgins's talent for characterization. The bored girl at the airport counter, the people of a small, nondescript town in North Dakota who welcome Harper and Nick into their homes, the zany boss whose life revolves around golf... all of these people add to the rich atmosphere that clings to every page of Kristan Higgins's books. The love story is occasionally funny, sometimes tear-inducing and very, very heartwarming. The scene where Harper tells the reader how Nick tells her the very first time he meets her that she's the woman he'll marry and spend the rest of his life with... well, *le sigh*It's been a long time since I last read a contemporary romance, and I'm glad to see that the magic hasn't faded for me. Here's the reason I prefer contemporary over the other sub-genres of romance - the heroines aren't always pretty, almost never passive; the heroes aren't always billionaires, almost never 'chiseled Greek God' perfect; there are friends, and there is family and there are pets, and screwed up people with real-life problems and a happily-ever-after that makes you cry and sigh and wish that your life took the same turn. So yeah, this is why I read it, and write it and love it, and screw you Jennifer Egans of the world, chick-lit ROCKS.

  • Jacob Proffitt
    2019-04-03 00:05

    This was a painfully . . . painful read. I came close to stopping twice and while I don't quite regret continuing on, I'm not terribly pleased, either.Higgins wastes the first quarter of the book or so meandering around the central relationship. Harper has a boyfriend she has proposed to and his entire function as a character is to serve as a barometer for exactly how emotionally immature Harper is. Hint: really, very, incredibly, even shockingly immature. Worse than the boyfriend are the coy hints and stupid teases about what actually happened back in the day. Even worse than that, though, is that the first flashback/remembrance leaves out how it ended. Higgins saves that for later. Which is where I almost stopped reading the first time. Fortunately, once the stupid boyfriend takes off and Nick and Harper are on their own (through a string of contrivances that strained credulity beyond the breaking point), the relationship finally started making sense and we got a charming second-chance story. For a while.The Nick and Harper for this part were fun and engaging and I was glad to see them work out their past and come to some mutual understanding.And then Higgins came in with yet more contrived stupidity and unbelievable circumstances and we get more pain while people do wildly unbelievable things and make fools of themselves. The worst part of this section was the hash Higgins makes of Harper's character while she's at it. (view spoiler)[Seriously, you can't have the take-charge commitment-phobe who has just stomped the love of her life's heart into the ground suddenly decide she doesn't want to embarrass the idiot she already broke up with and say yes to a sudden marriage proposal. This was so stupid I just knew it would be followed up by Nick following her and finding her in some contrived circumstances that would look as bad as Higgins could manage to make them look. And sadly, I was exactly as disappointed as I expected to be. (hide spoiler)] This was the second time I almost stopped reading.Fortunately, depending on how you look at these things, I suppose, Higgins managed an ending that didn't actually suck as much as it should have. Okay, I do her a disservice. I rather liked the ending and have hopes that the characters might actually make it. After all, with their story done, the author has no excuse to contrive more stupid circumstances and can't rewrite whole aspects of their characters to suit some slapstick scene she thinks might be funny. The last bit was touching and genuine and completely unearned, but I misted up anyway. What can I say? I guess I really am just a giant softie.A note about Steamy/Chaste: This book was really neither. It had sex and some explicit foreplay, but went lights-out fairly quickly once things heated up.

  • Nomes
    2019-04-16 22:29

    Reading this book was exactly like watching a romantic comedy. I like reading books like this for indulgent relaxation. For some swoony/fun times. For the romantic in me (I guess, haha).I don't expect depth. It's the kind of book that is predictable just after reading the back blurb. A guilty pleasure indulgent read. The thing is, I am not the hugest fan of romantic comedies. As much as I want to love them, they more often than not frustrate me. Still, I continually go back searching for more (weird).In some ways, this book delivered exactly what I wanted. In other ways, it annoyed me.Here's what I loved:Nick. He was hot, in the way you want your leading man to be. Heoozedsex-appeal, charisma and general hotness. He is a dream-man ~ caring, romantic, intelligent, genuine, often too good to be true ~ even his flaws are ones that can be romanticised to swoon-factors. He is what kept the pages turning for me. His sardonic wit, his alpha-maleness, his unreadable gazes, etc. You know the drill. He had a great chemistry with Harper (love the name) Here's what had the eyes rolling:Harper. She frustrated me. I get that she needed to have hang-ups to provide a character arc and to wedge some tension in her relationship with Nick ~ but it was so overdone. No subtly at all. She was overly intense in her weaknesses. Not sympathetic at all, and often I was wondering just whydidNick love her?Here's what grated, but was to be expected:the secondary characters. They were all caricatures. Painted loudly and over the top. Just like in those screw-ball romantic comedies (movies) where the side characters are justtoomuch: overbearing, making ridiculous decisions, being completely unrealistic people (parodies of themselves) running around presumably for our amusement. It's just not my sense of humour. overall:I think Higgins wrote the relationship between Nick and Harper well. She knows how to create (oodles) of sexual tension, how to steam up the bedroom, how to bring out the swoon. The rest of the drama/characters I could do without (although maybe that kind of screw-ball, ridiculously unbelievable cast of side characters is a staple of this genre? Which is why I can only handle these kinds of books in small doses...) Weirdly, I think I will go back for more of Higgins at some point, LOL. Even though I know up front I will probably only ever "3 star" her books, sometimes 3 star reads like this satisfy*.*I sound contradictory I know.Any other recs along these lines, pass them on :) (I am out of my depth in this genre = no idea)

  • Karla
    2019-04-18 19:06

    Wonderful! Just a sweet story about getting it right the second time around. Lot's of great characters, especially Harper and Nick. He's so laid back and willing to let life play itself out, and she over-thinks things, and acts on a whim. Yet they are perfect for each other. Her feelings were so well written, that even though Harper's personality was annoying, my heart just broke for her. Nick's declaration of love just warmed me through and through. Loved it!

  • Farah *Professor Dean's Beauty*
    2019-04-02 03:24

    Have you ever had that one person that from the moment you met them they took your breath away and immediately you knew you would never be the same again?Harper and Nick were madly in love- at age 21 and after two years or dating she knows she wants to be with him, that he is THE ONENick...Harper...She just doesn't want to get married just yet..But she does, because he asks and because love can withstand it all, right?That's what Harper thought, until Nicks aspirations and dreams came first and leaving Harper behind and alone..A marriage travelling on different paths is bound to get lost.."Sometimes our hearts just need time to accept what our heads already know."12years later on separate paths and living a different life, Harper has everything she ever wanted in her career and in her life, or so she thinks..she's a very successful divorce attorney and is dating a gorgeous fireman who is a bit of a dud but his filling the void in her life.Now Harper wants different things in life, even if she has to settle for a dingbat of a guy.Harper is blindsided by a wedding across the country- her step sister and her ex husbands brother!Seeing Nick again... Overwhelms her... He is still the man who gives her butterflies..Harper attends the wedding intending to show Nick she's fine and has everthing she ever wanted but Nick isThe man who broke her heart, yet still has it..."—I’d had seven years and four weeks and two days to teach myself not to love anyone desperately. But when Nick kissed me for the first time, my whole body came alive. It was terrifying how good it was.""But just for the record, Nick, I do have a heart, you broke it, it mended, the end"Fate might have played a part in Harper getting stranded and forced on a cross country road trip with Nick.Finally after all these years, feels, hurt, and the truth revealed and since Nick still thinks Harper is The One, Harper fights with her head and heart because they both want different things...But the heart always wins.. Especially if Harper is honest with herself and breaks down all those walls shes built around herself, face her fears and then finally admits that Nick is the Only one for herbecause it was their destiny to be soul mates...

  • Bj
    2019-04-24 00:23

    4.5 "Jaded Divorce Attorney 2nd Chance at a HEA" Stars!This is my second Kristan Higgins' book, and I can honestly say I get why she has such a loyal following. There is just a certain transcendental quality to her characters that grab you and draw you in. Moreover, her romances demonstrate great depth from the intensity of the characters unique quirks to an underlying comical nature that will have you secretly smiling, to the endearing romance that will have your heart warming, Ms. Higgins knows how to touch all of my buttons to deliver a romance that proves satisfying and quenching to the romance enthusiast on many different fronts. Last but not least, Xe Sands' talented narration expertly brings this title to life making it a great choice to experience in audiobook format.Harper James fell victim to her inability to say no to marriage once. Now older and wiser, she defends those who made that fateful mistake as a divorce attorney. Therefore when she gets yet another call from her little sister Willa claiming that she's ready to get married again (for the third time) after knowing the doomed groom for only a few weeks, Harper unwillingly agrees to attend the destination wedding but she will not keep her opinions to herself this time hoping to steer her sister in the right direction away from aisle before it's too late.So imagine her surprise, when Harper arrives at the venue of the ill-fated event only to find out that her sister's intended groom is none other than the brother of her former husband, Nick. Even more interesting she manages to convince her boy toy, fireman boyfriend (Dennis) along for the ride. But things get seriously interesting when old feelings begin to surface and the events of the past that were so clear for 12 years in her head begin to be rehashed to reveal that not everything may have transpired exactly the way her cynical memory remembers them.Xe Sands delivers a fantastic narration in My One and Only. Delivering personality specific voices for each one of the many characters, Ms. Sands rendition makes you feel like you are listening to a movie. From Dennis' "dude" 90s reminiscent persona to Nick's more serious and sensitive nature and Harper's cynical, smart and quick-witted style, Ms. Sands' nails each one of these primary characters' traits to a T. Perhaps what I loved the most of Ms. Sand's narration is her comedic timing which was perfectly suited for this romance that features many comical lines. Using the perfect timing, Ms. Sands' garnered a ton of smiles and even downright laughs from me as this funny and yet romantic story unveiled itself.All in all, if you're looking for a romance that will make you laugh, cry and most importantly feel hope that 2nd chances are truly possible for everyone (even those who are initially the most jaded), then My One and Only is sure to hit the right spot.Source: Review copy provided in exchange for an honest review.

  • Tammy
    2019-03-27 01:35

    Wow. I guess I'm the odd girl out. This one has five star reviews. Many four stars. And then there's my lonely little one star. Like others, I hoped to warm up to Harper. But she was full of selfish ambition. Very self-centered. A horrible attorney - too emotional and hostile to be productive in a law office - or to be an effective advocate in the courtroom. She made bad decisions. Definitely pushed my legal geek button.It was fairly obvious that Kristin Higgans tried to give Harper's character a snarky dose of cynicism - the word cynical was dominant in almost every chapter - but that didn't gel with me. Snarky cynicism can be a complimentary term. It usually refers to a witty mannerism or personality. Harper was just bitchy. Case in point, look at the way she acted during her sister's wedding ceremony - all of those snide, selfish remarks. Or better yet, how about the way she proposed to her boyfriend? And later almost cheated on him with her ex-husband without giving him a thought?I wish I could have had Nick's perspective. I probably would've cared more about him. Nick would have been better off if he had just cuddled up to a Montana grizzly bear.If you're not a fan of the Big Misunderstanding, then you won't care for this one either. These two originally got divorced over a misunderstanding. All they needed to do was communicate. But then I supposed the book would've been over and done with in the first chapter.Thanks to hardcore skimming, I finished the book. Barely. Not my favorite Kristan Higgins book. Just One of the Guys was much better.

  • MBR
    2019-03-27 21:08

    5+ Stars Emotional Wrenching Goodness!! I have always heard very good things about Kristan Higgins. Though I have a couple of her books in my to-be-read pile which I have yet to make a dent in, which just keeps growing in monstrous proportions on me, I decided to take the plunge into her stories with this read that was up for grabs on Net Galley. I was surprised and a little bit thrilled when my request to read this which is to be released on the 29th of this month got approved. So here I go, reviewing a book that is yet to hit the markets, hoping that I do justice to what a swell and amazing read this turned out to be.My One & Only is the story of kick-ass divorce attorney Harper Elizabeth James who lives in Martha’s Vineyard of Massachusetts. About to turn 34 years old, Harper is in the midst of proposing to her yummy and younger firefighter boyfriend of the past 2 and a half years when she receives the mother of bombshells from her stepsister Willa that she is getting hitched to Christopher Lowe, half-brother of Harper’s ex-husband Nick and that it is to happen in 2 weeks time.Abandoned by her self-centered mother when she had been just 13 years old only to receive the shock of her life to come face to face with her father’s bombshell of an instant family, needless to say Harper suffers from severe abandonment issues which she has never really got over from.It is on Harper’s 20th birthday that she meets her future husband Nick, the man who would own her heart for all time to come. Nick had reeled her in with his sophisticated nature, the way he could so easily see into her soul and because of his ability to cherish her and love her unlike anyone else had in her life. Skittish as Harper is, after being courted and wooed over a period of months, Harper finally takes the plunge and gets married to Nick amidst all her misgivings. It is right after they both say their I dos’ that things start going rapidly downhill.Their divorce when it comes is a bitter one which leaves scars on both of Nick and Harper and had come after just 6 months of matrimony.Though it has been 13 years since they have laid eyes on one another, as they come together for a wedding which neither of them can avoid, old hurts and resentments flare up leaving them battered and raw after the onslaught.It is during the road trip that these two embark upon that everything changes, bringing forth feelings Nick and Harper both harbor towards each other, feelings that they have both kept under lock and key for so long. Hurts and disappointments both have never healed from rage onto the surface, leaving them both with no other choice but to deal with them and let themselves heal after 13 long years.My One and Only is such a beautifully done story of second chances, of the power of love and forgiveness and its ability to heal even the deepest of emotional wounds. With a rich caste of multi-dimensional secondary characters, my favorite being Harper’s stepmother BeverLee, I loved this story right from its beautiful glossy cover to each and every emotion that it pulled out of me as I read along. Thank God for the fact that today is a holiday over here and that I got in uninterrupted reading time because if not I would have done some serious harm to anyone who would have dared to interrupt my indulgence in the beautiful and soulful world that Kristan Higgins has created so evocatively in this one.I laughed out loud so many times during the story, one of my favorites being the scene where Harper and Nick get the scare of their lives on the trails of the Glacier National Park in Montana. My heart bled the times I visited Harper and Nick’s past where they both had been so very much in love with one another, but things had not worked out as both of them had envisioned. And there came moments in which I rejoiced and cried happy tears because frankly put, Kristan Higgins pulls no punches in all the emotions that she so effectively pulls from the reader with her fabulous way with the words. Though stories told in the first person are not my favorite thing, I foresee Kristan Higgins joining the ranks of authors for whom I would make an exception because this story has definitely wormed its way into my heart and got its permanent residency application approved just as I sat down to write the review.All in all, beautiful storytelling that each and every contemporary romance reader needs to indulge in. This one earns 5 big, fat stars from the sunny side of life and is recommended very highly to all contemporary romance lovers.

  • Mo
    2019-03-26 02:11

    4.5 stars ...Aw, this was lovely. Even with all the ups and downs to get to the HEA, it was worth it. Now, you know me, I love an alpha asshole male but Nick Lowery (who is not one) really stole my heart. He was adorable. Although how he put with with some of Harper's antics were beyond me. But I do get her reasons for bailing out the first time around.Thrown together on a road trip from Montana to New York, the have to communicate and find if there is still some spark there.Great cast of side characters ... and of course a cute dog!

  • Miss Kim
    2019-04-21 21:19

    This gets a 3/5 for me. I turn to Kristin Higgins recently when I want a funny, feel good read, but this really didn’t do it for me. The heroine, Harper, was grating, and she never really grew on me. Yeah, yeah, stilted emotionally by a run-away mother, heard that one…but… meh. She had the chance at the perfect guy twice and blows it the first time, and by some luck ends up keeping him in the end. Part of my dislike with her was that she constantly thought or said “crotch!” or “holy testicle Tuesday!” whenever she got in a sticky situation. The first time was funny, the second time I was like ‘ok’, and then it just be came stupid!! I will give the story a plus for the sweet HEA, which very cute. Not Ms. Higgins best, IMO. I would recommend "Catch of the Day" to anyone interested in giving this author a try. Cheers!

  • Shawna
    2019-03-25 22:18

    5 stars – Contemporary RomanceThis is my favorite Kristan Higgins read. Harper annoyed me, but her innate fear of abandonment and commitment were palpable and heartbreaking. I wanted so much for her and Nick to work out their issues and finally get their much deserved HEA. I got choked up several times and shed quite a few tears, but KH perfectly balances the emotional angst with her signature style of quirky humor. I loved it! Solid 5 stars!

  • Estefanía Álvarez
    2019-04-15 22:25

    5/5 No esperaba para nada este libro ajjaja no es de los que te calan, pero es de esos que sabes que volverás a leer cuando te agobies o tengas parón lector ^^

  • Splage
    2019-03-31 03:35

    What a great read, and I have to say I wasn't expecting it to be this good, easy read... yes, but I loved it. Kristan Higgins is the type of author that I don't always love her stuff, though I usually like it. Mainly because she is very clean in the passion and therefore, she has to write the connections beautifully to get me to buy into it or excited about it.My One and Only was a great one for me. It was very mild in the sex department, but such a engaging story that it still worked. Also, what I loved about this story was that the heroine, Harper, had such great rants and such a sarcastic sense of humor that I had a lot of laughs. Even though I thought it was going to be such a sweet and light romance, it wasn't - it was much deeper as the layers came away and there were some very deep emotions with many of the characters. There were so many goofy characters too, from the step mom, to the coworkers, to the bipolar dog, to the young lovers who decide to get married at the spur of the moment (this was the H&h's half brother and step sister and the reason the H&h are thrown back together). Although they had many quirky personality traits that made me chuckle, they had many flaws that made me empathizes with them. Another book I have read by Kristan Higgins, Just One of the Guys, jumped out at me the same way, silly, fun story and then WHAM! this is much deeper and better than I thought it was going to be.Harper is a very emotionally scarred women who comes off very cold and unattached emotionally, but she is a closet care giver that has an enormous heart. Nick and Harper meet in college, love at first sight for him as he announces she will be his wife. Everyone should have a Nick, he knew what he wanted and took it. They get married when Harper is 21 and she is unsure, not about madly loving Nick, but about their future and herself. Nick moves Harper to NYC and sort of abandons her as he begins his career, working long hours to make a name for himself as an architect. An event happens between them and they divorce very quickly without ever talking about their problems. Throughout the story I felt that Nick kept blaming Harper for their break up, it sort of made me not like him at times, I felt it was more his fault. Harper becomes a divorce lawyer- perfect profession for her, very cynical and hysterically funny. Nick and Harper get thrown back together 12 years later at their brother and sister's wedding in Montana. Due to some unforeseen computer glitches they end up driving across country and finally talk about their love and events that led to their divorce. There are still many obstacles in their way and I really didn't know how it could all turn out to be a HEA -for a romance that wasn't suspense that says a lot. I was very caught up in this book, couldn't put it down.

  • ~Tina~
    2019-03-26 03:11

    Shark divorce attorney and realistic-thinker, Harper James, just found out that her little sister Willa is getting married. Again. Only she happens to know the groom since Willa is marrying her ex-husbands brother.To make an even more uncomfortable situation worse, Harper finds herself on a cross country road-trip home with Nick, causing her very guarded heart to open up again. Can Harper and Nick remember what love was suppose to be all about, or will they make the same mistakes all over again?Even though I've never been a huge fan of contemporary romance, I've always been curious about Kristan Higgins books and so glad that I had the opportunity to view her latest. My One and Only is a wonderful, delightful romantic comedy about family, marriage, divorce and love.Kristan writes a brilliant comical and heartwarming tale about a cynical heart and the boy that she's always loves. It was honest, moving and very amusing.Harper is a very unique character and I wasn't sure I'd like her at first. She basically treats everything like a day in court, she has some warped ideas about marriage and happily ever after and doesn't seem to truly need anybody. But, the truth is that Harper got burned when she was just a child and old wounds are hard to let go and move on. Even thought she as a hard-shell on the inside, she has a quirky, funny personality that is easy to fall in love with as the story goes on.Nick is every women dream come true. Sweet, successful and has a warm effortless charm. He takes the idea of love and makes it bigger then life, something that is very endearing in a character.Together, Harper and Nick aren't some cookie cutter couple. They're a mess and completely flawed, but I found it very refreshing that this wasn't the kind of romance where everything isn't rainbows and sunshine, in fact, they seemed to make the same mistakes as the story went on, making this even more easy to relate too and intriguing to read from beginning to end. Loved, loved there banter. They had some of the greatest chemistry that just sizzled off the pages.Even the secondary characters were all pretty amazing, but I have to give a special shout out to Den (dude!), he really made me giggle!Bottom line, I really loved this one and while reading I could totally picture this on the big screen. My One and Only, is a great laugh out loud romance that inspires the feeling of first love, the glory of true love and all the mess that comes with it.Beautifully done!(Arc provided by Netgalley and Harlequin)

  • Harlequin Books
    2019-04-12 01:16

    My personal opinion:What a compelling read! Harper James will make you laugh and sigh with frustration. She suffered a major heartbreak and divorce that has skewed the way she looks at every relationship since. Her firefighter boyfriend was perfect for her because he never demands more than she was willing to offer. He followed direction well too. :) Harper thought life was pretty good until she got a call from her younger stepsister with the news she was getting married to someone she has known for a mere couple of weeks and wants Harper to be the maid of honor. Harper's first reaction was to talk her out of it. LOL Actually, she tries to talk her out of it just about the entire book. So, baby sister rushing into marriage begins the destruction of her well-ordered life. Her sister's next bombshell really threw Harper for a loop. She was marrying her ex-husband brother! I had to keep turning the pages to discover how this mess would get fixed. Ms. Higgins' wit and humor kept me entertained from cover to cover. She definitely knows how to hook a reader.Kim S., Harlequin Books ambassador

  • Grecia Robles
    2019-04-20 02:18

    Libro que vi que no tengo calificado sólo recuerdo que amé a Nick y es de esos hombre que aman con todo su ser, dejan cuando tienen que y sobre todo lucha por recuperar lo que ama es de esos hombres que quisiera en mi vida, en cuanto a ella sólo recuerdo que me cayó súper mal y no merecía el amor de Nick.

  • KatLynne
    2019-04-06 21:11

    I loved this book and can easily say it is my favorite by this author. Not only did I love the H/h, but the secondary characters were so interesting and lovable too. I found myself laughing, crying and anxiously turning the pages hoping for Nick Lowery & Harper James to get their much deserved HEA.

  • Elle
    2019-04-10 01:05

    I was lucky enough to get access to a arc of this book, and me and Kristan Higgins' books, we're tight. So I jumped at the chance to read this.First things first, ignore the cover image. Yes, the general idea is correct in that there are 2 main characters, there is a dog and a red convertible mustang. But the characters aren't 17 like the cover suggests, nor is the heroine blonde. I (secretly) love when the cover art doesn't match up. I feel like I just caught someone doing something wrong.This was another book that I just couldn't put down. Most of Higgins' stories hook me even if I don't love where the plot is going or the how the characters are related to each other making their love match quasi-incestuous, or like the characters period. There is just something about how Higgins tells a story, even a story I'm not too keen on reading. Let's go to the three things I loved about this book:1) The heroine. Oh man, does she ever have her issues, but don't we all. Hers are a doosey though. Abandonment issues, mixed in with elitism and condescension. Her main thing is that she is practical, 'a realist', and that makes her down on love in marriage. Not that she doesn't think love can exist within marriage, just that she doesn't always wish the best for people when it is clear that their love-match is crazy. She's your typical cold-hearted bitch. What was nice about her construction was that we went a little deeper and were really able to see what was going on with her, how she coped, and how she was perceived vs how she actually was trying to live. So, even though she was a cold-hearted bitch and people liked to inform her of that fact, I wasn't buying it to the point where I would put my hand up in a stop gesture and say 'hey hey hey, I think that's a little harsh and immensely inaccurate'. It was also great that she had her issues, but the hero had his as well and in the end of the day it wasn't just one persons fault that they had trouble getting their shit together.2. The banter between these two. In some of it, you can really see the hurt even though these two are trying to be civil, the hurt still comes out. But in general it is great to see two people so comfortable and accepting of each other in that respect. What I mean, is that they banter, bicker and rib each other, but it's all in good fun, with only a few of the exchanges hitting home and hurting the others feelings. Each character can give as good as they get, and the ultimate goal doesn't seem to be to tear the other person down ... but rather to flirt, being playful, unexpected and often funny. I loved it. So, in the end of the day the banter is one of the things that shows how comfortable they are with each other deep down and how secure they are in themselves and the basic understanding of the other person not meaning to do them harm, even when they 'hate' each other.3. There were suspenseful elements. Man, maybe this is why I love Higgins as an author, she can really add suspense without depending on action or a mystery and she does it very well. The suspense here was built around the past. The story is from the heroines POV. We meet her in real time, and there are lots of well laid hints about how she got to where she is (life experience wise) and how she developed her life-philosophies. At one point, I put down the book (to live my life for a bit) and it almost killed me because I wanted to read on a better understand the couple's past and how their relationship played out and why it was so disastrous. So the suspense was in the story telling and story development, not really linked to the plot. I loved that.This book also had some of those elements that are common in Kristan Higgins books: A BIIIIG gesture at the end, and end that doesn't look like it can possibly work out.. and then it does in a satisfying way, a strong and silent man (not the hero, but sometimes the hero got in on it), a friendly priest, quasi-incestuous relationships, an adored pet, a firefighter (although this was lauded over too much by the author, nor is he the ideal match), New England, dysfunctional family with crazy mother, sibling that is so different but loved unconditionally anyway, etc. That's all I can think of right now, but it's no surprise that there are a lot of the elements that Higgins' always includes. That's OK though, because each of her books ends up being so different.I also thought this book had a great resolution, and a sweet overarching message.All in all I loved this book. Stayed up way too late to finish it and now I'm a wee bit cranky, but it was worth it!