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Jack and Annie are ready for their next adventure in the New York Times bestselling middle-grade series—the Magic Tree House!Beware of avalanches! When the magic tree house whisks Jack and Annie back in time to the highest pass in the Swiss Alps, they discover an ancient monastery filled with monks and Saint Bernard dogs. Annie can’t resist offering to train a wild young dJack and Annie are ready for their next adventure in the New York Times bestselling middle-grade series—the Magic Tree House!Beware of avalanches! When the magic tree house whisks Jack and Annie back in time to the highest pass in the Swiss Alps, they discover an ancient monastery filled with monks and Saint Bernard dogs. Annie can’t resist offering to train a wild young dog named Barry. Will Barry lead Jack and Annie to the mysterious flower they need to save a friend’s life? Or will he only lead them into danger? Before the night is over, Jack and Annie will be forced to use some crazy magic! Join everyone’s favorite brother and sister duo on an adventure that is scary and magical, and more fun than they’ve ever had!...

Title : Dogs in the Dead of Night
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ISBN : 9780375868245
Format Type : Hardcover
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Dogs in the Dead of Night Reviews

  • beauti bell
    2019-04-22 21:50

    개로 변신하니 "놀자!!ㅋㅋㅋ"하는 부분 너무 좋아요~^^

  • Christopher
    2019-04-27 19:56

    I've been meaning to put the whole Jack and Annie ouevre into Goodreads for a while.May absolutely loves these books. At 3 chapters a night, they tend to last for just under a week, providing a nice pause in longer collections.My geeky/pulpy side likes recognizing all the tropes without the author following convention slavishly. I have a theory that Morgan LeFay (the magical librarian of Camelot and creator of the magic treehouse) is secretly a Time Lord and the treehouse is her TARDIS (bigger on the inside, travels in time and space, spins and makes rushing wind when traveling).The books are arranged in smaller quartets with common, linked missions. This volume is the second in a mission to collect spell components to reverse a petrification spell gone awry (Merlin's pet penguin if you must know). May has already sussed-out a common theme in the components (flowers).

  • midnightfaerie
    2019-04-30 21:49

    My 6 yr old is becoming a voracious reader and his teacher recommended this series so I picked up a few from the library. My son loves it. Magic and fun and adventure rolled into a chapter book that's easy to read, yet challenging enough that he's not bored. Many of these are educational as well, focusing on a particular point in history such as a president's reign, or a location, like Ireland in this one, which goes really well with his geography and history lessons. He's loving it, and already has said these are the books he wants to read for the challenge. Overall a great step into chapter books for the advanced reader.

  • Jazzy
    2019-04-28 22:59

    This was a nice book. And the riddle was awesome! It actually got your mind working. And I loved it when Annie and Jack lived it for an hour.

  • Kevin Wood
    2019-05-13 22:52

    Mary Pope Osborne=a great authorShe writes a lot of Children's Books about Jack and Annie from the Magic Tree House stories!

  • Paige Coup
    2019-05-20 02:10

    "Dogs in the Dead of Night" Paige Coup 10/24 /16 "Dogs in the Dead of Night" by Mary Pope Osborne. Teddy accidently turn Penny the penguin into stone. Now, Jake and Annie have to find four idioms from the past to save Penny. They got the emerald rose from India. In the early morning Annie woke up Jake and Jake woke up very tired. Annie told Jake that is time to go to the magic tree house. Jake got out of his tired stage and him and Annie got dress to go to the magic tree house. They went to the tree house, but Teddy and Kathleen weren't there inside the tree house. Jake and Annie found the scroll and it said," Find a yellow and white and live its meaning." they had to go to the swish alps to find it. They pointed to where they want to go to, the magic tree house spin around and around until it stopped. Jake and Annie are in explorer clothing and it is snowy outside and Jake grabbed a book called the Alps. They had a bottle which can turn them into anything for an hour. They both were going to the Swiss monastery, but an avalanche happened. Annie and Jake ran down the mountain, but Jake got caught in the avalanche.  Jake was stuck in the snow and he called out for Annie, but no response.  Then, some dogs came and got him out and people in robes carried Jake and Jake saw Annie and the people in the robes told him that she is okay.  Jake and Annie are in the building that they are supposed to be in.  The people in robes are monks and Father Laurent came in with his brother Michael.  They warmed Jake and Annie and gave them some food and asked,” What were you doing out there?” Jake and Annie said,” We are looking for a yellow and white flower, for a friend of ours.” he said,” You have to wait five months from now to get it.” Jake and Annie might have to wait five months to get what they need.  Jake and Annie went to their rooms, but before they went to bed Jake looked at the book and went to bed.  In the morning Jake and Annie were awake in the afternoon by a dog named Barry and Michael apologized for that.  Michael told them that these dogs were called saint bernards.  Jake and Annie went to lunch and Barry stole Jakes bread and Michael got angry at Barry for doing that.  Michael told  Jake and Annie that they are going to sent Barry to another village.  Michael said,” Father Laurent will be sad if Barry leaves and Barry will be sad if he leaves.” Annie told him he could teach Barry to listen.  Michael was hesitant at first and then, Barry howled and all the monks said,” Say yes to make him stop.” he said, ”Yes ” and gave them the leash. Michael said,” Don’t let Barry get lost outside.” Jake was doubting this idea, Annie told Barry to sit, stay, and come, Annie told Barry that he is a good dog.  Barry kept coming to Jake, there was a knock on the door and answer it and a soldier was behind and said,” We are looking for a missing soldier, let us know so, we can tell Napoleon,” Jake and Annie were surprised they went back 200 years ago.  Jake went upstairs to look at the book for information, but when they got up there they saw Barry tearing the book apart, Annie said, ”Bad dog Barry.” and Barry was sad.  Then, Jake and Annie were looking for Barry and they realized that one of them left the door open.  They went outside, but they don’t see Barry and they remembered that they have the magic bottle and they wished they were saint bernards.      I like the overall setting of the book and the timing.  It's because it takes an actual place and puts it in a fiction book.  The timing works perfectly which each event when something important happens.  I dislike the part when Jake was tired and when Jake started to doubt . It's because Jake was a little bit out of character this book and I don’t like people who have negative effects to put it on themselves.  Yes, I would like to know the names of the other dogs.People who like history and magic would like this.  Also, people who like to see different places and likes dogs.  It's because this is amazing for the imagination and learning.  It is good to see the places that you want to go to without the plane.  Lots of people like animals and how helpful they are.  I really enjoyed this book I hope you will too.

  • Elijah Libert
    2019-05-20 22:53

    This is a 5 star book because I like giant doggies that like your face off. But there is something I don't like about this book because I don't think back then they had leashes for dogs.

  • Delaina Hawkins
    2019-05-10 19:46

    I have always been a huge Magic Tree House fan. I hadn't read one since I was little and remembered how this series is the perfect fit for the Fantasy/Science Fiction genre and decided to pick up a new one. I feel back in love with the books all over again! Jack and Annie are always on a mission and travel to new worlds through books in their magic tree house (I love the concept of traveling through books). On these wonderful adventures they learn so much about the place hey are at and the people around them, and Mary Pope Osborne does a wonderful job of researching the subject and incorporating historical facts within her books. In this book in particular, The Monastery in the Alps is a very real place and she incorporates Napoleon Bonaparte as a character, who actually crossed his huge army there. She also had a very infamous rescue dog, Barry, as one of the main characters. Osborne, along with her sister, have also written an accompanying "Fact Tracker"non-fiction book about rescue dogs for those readers who want to learn more. I would definitely use these magic tree house books in any 3-5 classroom as a great way to connect reading and what we are learning about in other subjects and a great way to get students interested in non-fiction books.

  • Wayne Walker
    2019-04-30 19:00

    Jack and Annie must go on another Merlin Mission. Penny, the abandoned penguin which they saved on a previous mission and gave to Merlin as a present, has accidentally been turned into a stone statue by their young sorcerer friend Teddy, and they need to find four things to break the spell. They have just returned from finding the first one, an emerald rose from Mogul India. Now they must find a white and yellow flower and live its meaning for an hour. But the Magic Tree House takes them to the Swiss Alps around 1800 in the middle of winter. It’s freezing cold outside, and the ground is covered with snow. How will they find a flower in those conditions? And what will happen when they are caught in an avalanche? There is a lot of interesting information woven into this story. Budding botanists will be pleased to know that Laurent Murith, abbot at the Monastery of St. Bernard in 1800, was a great naturalist who collected many specimens of flowers for the monastery library. Students of history will enjoy travelling with First Consul Napoleon Bonaparte from France through the Alps to Italy with 60,000 soldiers in 1800. And, of course, dog lovers will delight in getting to know the first Barry, the St. Bernard dog who saved more than forty lives between 1800 and 1812. The only somewhat negative note is that Jack and Annie use a lot of common euphemisms, such as “gee” and “heck.” Our boys long ago outgrew the reading level of these books, but my wife has continued to purchase each one as it comes out because she likes to read them. And I guess that I do too.

  • Dolly
    2019-05-19 19:04

    We have loved the Merlin Missions stories as well as the original Magic Tree House books. We have read them all and are also reading the Research Guides (now called Fact Tracker books) as well.We eagerly awaited the publication of this book, but for some reason we just didn't read it as fast as I thought we would. Part of the reason behind it is that we owned the book while we always have a bunch of library books that we need to read and return. I purchased it for our girls at their elementary school book fair and gave it to them as a Christmas present, so I suppose that we haven't procrastinated too long. Once we started the book, we read it very quickly and our oldest and I really liked it. Our youngest complained that she was bored by it, but she really liked the last three chapters, especially when Jack and Annie used their magic (I won't spoil the surprise!) We have put the next book, Abe Lincoln At Last!, on hold with our local library as an ereader and plan to download it to my hubby's iPad when our turn comes up. We are just starting to explore this media and so far have liked it. I doubt it will ever truly replace the tactile feel of a book in my own heart, but it is certainly convenient for traveling and we are enjoying learning about the technology.

  • Christopher Salcedo
    2019-05-05 00:00

    I like this book because there is a dog in it named Barry. I know there is a dog named Barry in this book because in page 1 it states, Jack and Annie have a new mission. They must find a rare flower to save one of their best friends! So when the magic tree house whisks them back in time to the Swiss Alps, they're confused. How can they find a flower buried under ice and snow? Jack thinks their mission is hopeless! When they find an ancient monastery where monks and St.Bernards live. Annie gets them into more trouble. She offers to train a young dog named Barry. Then Barry runs away from the monastery, and Jack and Annie have a new task-find Barry. Who would like this book is my cousin. He would like this book because he likes to read The Magic Tree House books. He would also like to read this book because he likes to read about dogs. One challenging aspect I have for this book is the way the story was told. That is a challenging aspect for me because the way the story was told was boring. And when the story is boring I did not want to read it, but I had to read because it was homework. A character that I can describe well in this story is Morgan Le Fey. Morgan Le Fey s a powerful sorceress in the Arthurian legend. Early works featuring Morgan do not elaborate her character beyond her role as a fay or magician.She is said to be the daughter of Arthur's mother, the Lady Igraine, and her first husband, Gorlois, Duke of Cornwall, so that Arthur is her half-brother.

  • Maya Orama
    2019-05-11 21:59

    This story is mostly about a boy and girl name jack and Annie . They were at school, but then it had finished. They went into the frog creek woods and then went inside the magic tree house. They both found a book on the wooden floor. The picked it up, then wished that they could go there. The tree house spun and spun until it stopped. They found themselves meeting a man that had lived in a far away village. The man greeted Cohen, then made them come inside his store. He showed them a book, and Annie found out that it was the book that Morgan asked for. They both asked for the book, then the man said yes. He said yes because they both helped him clean up his shop. Jack and Annie decided to read the book. It was about ancient Olympic Games in Greece. It said that many people all over Greece wanted to be in a part of the games. But then, a huge dog came over and ate some of the pages. Jack and Annie where really angry, so they went some where else to read it. When they were about to read it, they found out that the pages that the dog ripped were the end of the book! So bye, jack and Annie where sad because they couldn't finish the book. The store owner felt bad for them and gave them another book that looks just like it. Jack and Annie where really happy. They said goodbye to the man, went into the treehouse, finished reading the book, then finally went home. Jack and Annie couldn't wait for another mission from Morgan, and they both hoped that it would be 200 times better as the mission they just finished now. THE END

  • Linsey Ward
    2019-04-29 18:48

    This book is a part of the Merlin Missions. It tells the story of Jack and Annie traveling to the Swiss Alps to retrieve the second thing to break the spell the baby penguin, Penny, is under. When an avalanche buries Jack and Annie, Monks from the St. Bernard Monastery rescue the two. “The second thing to break the spell is a white and yellow flower. Live its meaning for yourself, if only for an hour.” Jack thought about how no flower could live in these cold conditions, but he was determined to solve it. Jack asked Brother Michael about flowers, but was discouraged by his response. Flowers would not bloom for another month and at lower altitude. In Father Laurent’s flower book, there was a glacial buttercup and it was exactly what Jack and Annie needed. These flowers signify the spirit of a child; joyous, carefree, and open. Annie thought this was like the spirit of Barry, the St. Bernard that helped save them. Jack and Annie return home and prepare for yet another adventure. The Illustrations are in black and white and they are a wonderful rendition of what is going on in the novel.

  • Tim
    2019-04-30 19:10

    I really enjoy pretty much any Magic Tree House book. In my opinion Osborne does a great job of weaving information such as facts about monks, the Swiss Alps, monasteries, etc...with an adventurous story! I rely enjoy reading this book and it is really fun reading aloud as well. I read it to a small group of fourth graders and they were engaged with the story. A good or even just an alright book can be read in such a way to make it engaging for listeners. And a great book read without emotion or passion can easily be dismissed by children. All this to say, if you or your children enjoy adventure while learning some new info. on monks and monasteries go to the library and pick this one up!

  • Timothy
    2019-04-29 18:11

    I really enjoy all of the Magic Tree House books. They are fairly simple in regards to style of writing but I enjoy it. I feel like I could easily read this book as a read a loud. I could see it working well if I read a couple chapters first and then tell them if they wanted to finish it they could. At the same time it's a fairly quick read and it could be fun to read a couple chapters each day. Each chapter ends well, allowing the reader to wonder what will happen next. I read the first two chapters and wanted to keep reading!In this book there are Monks that the two main characters meet in the Swiss Alps. This book could create some great discussion and give great insight to other parts of the world!

  • Mary
    2019-04-26 20:57

    This was my first reading of the Magic Tree house Series, and now I can see what all the buzz is about! Even though I was starting out in the middle of a storyline, the stories are formulaic and repetitive enough that I could more or less discern the premise without having to have read the first installment. Jack and Annie are siblings and somehow travel through time and location to solve mysteries in history. I love the way thaf, even in such a short novel, the characters learn about what it means to be good citizens of the world while learning history at the same time. While the history component is not super in-depth, it can spark the desire for a child to learn more and understand that learning is both fun and desirable.

  • Bonnie
    2019-05-17 00:12

    A cute time travel series that does not necessarily need to be read in order. There is reference to what happened in the past that sets up the present situation then Jack and Annie head to the Magic Tree House for their adventure to find clues that unwrap another mystery and solves the current problem. At the back of the book the author provides historical information, of people and places which are used within the storyline, that gave her the idea or basis of the time traveled setting. There is also a code given to unlock the 'fact tracker' for a specific game located on MagicTreeHouse(dot)com, which correlates to the story just read.

  • Leto
    2019-05-19 20:58

    Jack and Annie went back in time to the Swiss Alps when the French army was passing by. Annie wanted to train a St. Bernard named Barry to be a good rescue dog, but Jack wanted to study so they could find a white and yellow flower. They found out that Barry had eaten up their research book and went outside, getting a bit lost. Jack and Annie searched for him and used a potion to turn themselves into St. Bernards. I liked this book because it teaches you a few things about history like how St. Bernards had to rescue people from underneath the snow and can smell people six feet deep in the snow.

  • Eagle
    2019-05-09 18:46

    Dogs in the Dead of Night is an awesome book. Mary Pope Osborne's Magic Tree House series has really cool books and they teach you different stuff. This book was her latest one. Abe Lincoln at at Last is coming in December 2011. Dogs in the Dead of Night is about Jack and Annie go to a Monks church and they have to train a Saint Bernard before he has to leave to a different place away the Monks church. The Monks church is in the Alps and there are a lot of avalanches so that's why there are Saint Bernard's. I think you should read Dogs in the Dead of Night or any Magic Tree House book because they're really cool books. By Joseph

  • 07Marcus Bishop
    2019-05-08 17:51

    Jack and Annie are now on another mission to go into the himalayas to help out at a monistary and to find a soldier named Napolean. When they find the monistary they meet a dog named Berry, who is a saint bernard. The monks tell them that they are having trouble with Berry and that he is to rowdy.While Jack thinks that helping to train the dog is going to be a complete waste of time, Annie wants to help the dog. Can Jack and Annie Help train Berry and finish their mission, or will they be stuck with their mission forever.

  • Cathy
    2019-05-04 01:02

    Not quite as chock-full of facts as normal perhaps, but full of adorable dogs, which makes up for it. And trying to convey a love of dogs is a worthy goal in and if itself, not to mention the idea that dogs can be such important helpers and heroes to people. Rescue, assistance and therapy dogs are so important. I loved reading in the author's note that Barry was based on a real dog. Now that my reading buddy has outgrown the series this is probably my last book, unless I happen to notice a new release, and as a major dog lover it's not a bad way to go out.

  • Shelli
    2019-04-28 20:47

    The Magic Tree House books are a MUST READ collection for all children. Unlike many other series for young readers, the Magic Tree House should be read in chronological order to best appreciate Jack and Annie's travels through time as they go on various missions; which are typically completed in four parts. Parents and educators will enjoy going along for the ride as much as their students! My daughter is a teenager now but she still gets excited when she sees a new tree house adventure has come out.

  • Elizabeth S
    2019-04-24 23:54

    Another solid entry in the series. I know some may think it is too redundant, because this series definitely has a formula used in the books. However, if redundancy hasn't bothered you in the past, it isn't any worse in this one so you should be fine.I do enjoy the history learned by the kids in the books. Some parts of the story and plot are a stretch (as always), but the historical aspects are very well researched. And there are good life lessons in the stories as well. A little childish for an adult, but not nauseatingly boring.

  • MMS Readers
    2019-05-17 21:00

    By: Litzy Valdivieso I have this book a four, because to me it doesn't has a lot of details of the main idea.Another reason why i have it a four is because sense its for little children, to me it should have a lot more of magic and enthusiastic things that happen in the story.Also because it doesn't has a lot of picture .So i thought that scene its a children's book it should have more pictures and have more of creative things.Well that is my point of view.

  • Jodi
    2019-05-22 23:06

    #46 in Magic Tree House. They are predictable but my son loves them and so we continue reading. This one is set in Switzerland with St. Bernard dogs. When I read that the dog Barry is based on a real St. Bernard that rescued so many people that the monks in this particular monastery always had a dog named Barry around after his death. Also, I would love to be a dog for an hour and see what my dog would say to me!! Hee! Hee!

  • Kathy Maggiacomo
    2019-05-03 22:42

    This is just one of the 54 books that Carolyn and I read over the course of a year and a half and finished in August. I love this series for grades 1-3! The predictable parts are great for kids and we love Jake, the cautious sheepish smart boy, and Annie, the free spirit who acts before she thinks and is caring and great with animals. I like how we, the readers, learned about different times, places, people through adventures and riddles or missions

  • Mindy
    2019-05-19 17:50

    This was a fun magical adventure set in the Swiss Alps. My children and I enjoyed learning about Saint Bernard dogs and the monastery that helped save Napoleon and his men in the 1800's. My children especially loved the part where Jack and Annie turn into animals! Another fun adventure with Jack and Annie through history!

  • Angela
    2019-05-01 17:59

    The Magic Treehouse series are great books for children starting chapter books. The stories are imaginative and educational, and the writing is simple with some exposure to new. larger words. I like that the books are innocent fun for my six year old, and I don't have to be concerned about the content.

  • Jessica
    2019-04-25 20:08

    Magic Tree House books are a win/win. My son loves Jack and Annie. He loves the adventures they go on and finds them very fun to read. I love the fact that the adventures that Jack and Annie go on are educational and teach a little about history. The Magic Tree House books make reading for my son fun and no longer a chore!

  • Jolynn
    2019-05-03 21:54

    We are now in the early chapter book stage. The book was fun to read and my daughter really enjoyed it. It was a little less enjoyable because this is the first Magic Tree House book we are reading and it's in the middle of a large story arc. Fun characterization of the dogs and the little historical cameos are a bit fun.